How to transfer your Pokémon Go to Pokémon Let’s Go

Want to transfer your Pokémon won in the Pokémon Go smartphone game to the Let’s Go version on Switch It is possible, subject to reaching Parmania and therefore entering the Go Park building which can take a few tens of hours For the rest you will see, it’s very simple as shown in this quick tutorial. 

Have you caught Pokémon in Pokémon Go  and want to transfer them to Let’s Go ? This is possible, on one condition: you must reach Parmania in Pokémon Let’s Go,  knowing that they will permanently disappear from Pokémon Go,  you will no longer be able to transfer the Pokémon acquired through this method from your Switch to an instance of Pokémon Go . Another limitation: only Pokémon  that existed at the time of Yellow Pokémon  can be transferred. Finally let us emphasize that reaching Parmania is not a health walk and requires to have advanced well in the gamewhich can take several tens of hours depending on your level .

Guide to transfer your Pokémon Go creatures on mobile to Let’s Go on Switch

Once you’ve reached Parmania in the game on Switch, go to the main menu and tap  Connect with Pokémon Go , then

  • Open Pokémon Go on your smartphone, tap the Pokéball at the bottom then Options in the top right
  • Choose  Nintendo Switch  and confirm the connection on your smartphone and console when prompted
  • The 2 games are now associated
  • In  Pokémon Let’s Go , go to GO Park in  Parmania
  • In  Pokémon Go , select the Nintendo Switch option  and choose the Pokémon to transfer on your smartphone
  • Back in  Pokémon Let’s Go , collect your Pokémon from the GO Park receptionist

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