How to Take Photos Without Opening the Camera Application on Android


Along with the times, mobile phones are now not only used to simply send messages via sms or telephone. Mobile phones which are now more commonly called smartphones have many advanced features including in terms of taking pictures or photos.

A smartphone with a camera is certainly very useful for those of you who like photography or fad often take selfies.

For those of you who often take candid photos of your friends or indeed need to take photos secretly, of course you need to know how to take photos without having to be complicated to open the camera application on your Android.

There are several applications that make it easy for you to take photos without getting caught. All you have to do is click a button that will appear in your application list. You can even access this button directly on the Android Android Mobile Home Screen . Instead of getting more curious, check out the review below.

1. Quick Camera – Hidden Camera

how to photograph without opening the camera application on android

This is one of the best applications for taking photos secretly. Yup, as the name suggests, you can take photos without getting caught. In this application you can do several settings.

Just go to the “SETTING” section option  , in this setting you can set whether you want to use the front or back camera.

No less interesting in this application you can also set whether you want notifications after photos are saved or choose the camera resolution you need to take pictures.

When finished, you can take pictures secretly using only the “Take Photo” button that appears as one of the icons in your Android application list.

Do not forget you can also put the “Take Photo” button  to the  home screen of your Android phone and voila! This application you can use right away.

2. Secret Photo Camera

how to photograph without opening the camera application on android

This cool application called Secret Photo Camera that you can also use to take photos in secret. The person you photographed won’t realize that they are being photographed.

Besides being able to be used to take pictures, you can also use Secret Photo Camera to record videos secretly.

But what you need to consider before using this application is that you must have enough and adequate storage memory on your smartphone. Because if the storage space is full, you can’t use this application anymore.

3. Silent Camera

how to photograph without opening the camera application on android

Silent Camera application was developed for you who often photograph your cute pets and also like to be surprised and suddenly run away like cats, rabbits to birds.

You would already know that these animals would immediately leave if you are shocked. But when you use this Silent Camera application, it certainly won’t happen again.

You can easily take their photos with ease without needing to surprise them with the shutter sound from the camera or see the flash that is on your camera.

4. Spy Camera OS

how to photograph without opening the camera application on android

This application was once named SCOS. This application was also withdrawn from Google Play by the developers themselves for some reason. I wonder what’s behind it.

But be thankful because now the developer has resubmitted this application back to Google Play. So you can use it again. Whether it’s used to prank tease friends, record in peace or whatnot.

This application also has quite a number of users. Its use is also relatively much easier compared to other similar applications.

5. Hidden Camera

Just like the cool application that has been mentioned above, the application called Hidden Camera also supports taking photos and recording videos in secret without being noticed by others.

For those of you who want to try to be a detective, this Hidden Camera is perfect for you to use because it has quite complete features.

One of them is a setting that you can change to determine the quality of the photos and videos that you take. If you choose the highest quality photo, more storage is needed. Vice versa.

6. USpyCam

Finally, there is an application that is no less sophisticated that you can use to take pictures secretly, namely USpyCam.

If you used to be complicated when you want to take pictures or videos by first having to open the camera application on your Android, with this Spy Camera application, of course you don’t need to feel any more hassles.

This application can help you to easily record and take photos without opening the camera application. How to Cool, right?

Those are some applications for you who want to know how to take photos or videos secretly.

Of course this application can be useful for you like a CCTV camera. You can take photos for important things or just try to make friends with the application we have explained above.

Do not forget also if you have to use this application wisely and may not be used for negative things or for your personal benefit, yes. Hopefully this article can add to your insight.

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