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Are you thinking about how to sell on AliExpress from Spain in 2022? Find out how their registration process works and who can do it
How to sell on AliExpress from Spain 2022

The number of small and medium-sized businesses that seek to expand their activity continues to grow, and many value how to sell on AliExpress from Spain in 2022 . The greater acceptance of this platform of Chinese origin, which in Spain has already become the second most used online commerce application , makes it a very attractive place in which to display the catalogs of all types of companies.

The process of registering as a seller on AliExpress through its application is practically unfeasible, although it seems that it does offer the option to do so. If we click on ‘Account’, we see that a link that says ‘Become a seller’ appears at the bottom with a lowercase font. If we click on it, it takes us to a page in Chinese, so if we don’t know the language, our path ends right there.

How to sell on AliExpress from Spain 2022 1

It is likely that this error in the application will be solved soon in future updates, but the process to register as a seller in AliExpress will have to be done from the website . At the top left we will find the ‘ Sell on AliExpress ‘ section, and there we can click on ‘Register as a seller’ to start the process.

How to sell on AliExpress from Spain 2022 2

Next we will arrive at the portal to register our virtual store in AliExpress , and we will have to start the process by clicking on ‘Join AliExpress’ to start filling in the forms that the portal requires. Among the data that they will ask us for is an email address, company information (CIF, registration address, company name, etc.) and tax information (VAT identification card and bank account).

How to sell on AliExpress from Spain 2022 3

Once the data is submitted, AliExpress will analyze the documentation and verify your store , a process that usually takes two to three business days . When this procedure has been completed, you will be able to configure your shipping template, upload your catalog to the platform and design your store on AliExpress (taking into account both the design of the web version and that of the app ).


This process raises the question of how to sell on AliExpress as an individual , since the registration mechanism is designed for companies. The only individuals who will be able to sell are those who are registered as self-employed, since tax documentation is requested. Therefore, if you are thinking of using your user account to sell a specific product or upload those items that you no longer need and that take up space in your home, you will not be able to do so on AliExpress unless you are self-employed.

To sell as an individual in Spain there are other platforms such as WallapopVinted or Milanuncios that also have a high number of users and offer enough protection guarantees, both for the buyer and for the seller. One-off sales can be developed through these applications.


Businesses who are considering integrating their catalogs into the app and are wondering how much it costs to sell on AliExpress from Spain should know that there is no business opening fee. The process of registering and creating the catalog on AliExpress is free, the income for the platform of Chinese origin comes through sales, since they take between 5% and 8% commission. If in addition to having the store open, a seller also wants to take advantage of the affiliate program, there will be extra commissions of a minimum of 3% for entering the program, plus what is established per category and per item. 

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