How to search for clothes on Vinted by location

How to search for clothes on Vinted by location

Vinted has positioned itself in Spain as one of the most used second-hand clothing buying and selling platforms, although it does not reach the same levels of popularity as in France or central Europe. More and more Spanish users are wondering how to search for clothes on Vinted by location , tired of seeing how the clothes that appear in the application are from foreign countries and, therefore, the shipping costs rise , making the bargains are far less interesting.

There is currently no option in the app or on the Vinted website to be able to filter clothing or any other type of product by location. What there is is a very traditional and unsophisticated method that works according to our experience. If what we want is to find an item near us, we just have to add the name of our location in the search box next to the garment.

An example is this search for ‘madrid shoes’, after which the application has shown us the shoes put up for sale by other users. Going into the details of the models that appear in the first positions, we can see how the location of the sellers is in Madrid or surrounding cities such as Parla.

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This search method has a drawback, since if we search for shirts or pants in Madrid, Barcelona or any other large city we will find a large number of results of garments from their football teams, but it is the only alternative that we have waiting for that future updates incorporate search by location.

How to find top sellers in my area on Vinted

The absence of filters by location is a quite noticeable limitation. How to find top sellers in my area on Vinted becomes quite an odyssey , but again we will have to resort to a simple search with the name of our municipality and the type of garment that we want to acquire.

As you can see in the images, the sellers that Vinted shows us in the first positions are from the area and have very high scores , so it is a good guide to start following them and see what else they offer in their Vinted cabinets. . In the future, it would be appreciated if there was also a list of the best sellers in each city, since that would make life easier for buyers and at the same time benefit these top sellers.

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Who are the best Vinted sellers in Spain

So what do we have to do if we want to know who are the best Vinted sellers ? In this case, we have found a gap in the scarcity of resources offered by the platform on its website and it has been possible to carry out a generic search for the users with the best rating. Obviously, we have found a huge list of French sellers and to a lesser extent from Belgium or the Netherlands, but we have located the sellers with the best score .

Double_feature is the reference profile in Spain. With 3,729 ratings and five stars on average, it is a guarantee of success. In his closet we find all kinds of items related to pop culture at interesting prices , although his profile warns that he does not accept returns. Vipbrands is in second place, with more than 3,000 reviews and a very varied wardrobe that includes all kinds of clothes from the best brands.

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The third most valued Spanish seller on Vinted is elarmarioetnico , which from Aldaia causes a sensation with a wardrobe that has more than 250 women’s garments. The other two users who complete the top 5 Spanish sellers on Vinted are the Galician Nuria Vázquez and viviannbear , both with more than 2,800 ratings, although at the time of writing this article they did not have any garments in their closets despite the fact that they are active on the platform, so it is likely that they will put items up for sale again .

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