How to remove VOICE from a song on Android

This simple APP allows you to turn your cell phone into a true Karaoke , by removing the voice from the songs.

The process of removing the voice from a song is easy. The result is better and more professional if it is done from a PC, although you can also do it on your Android phone, in one touch. You only need an application to do this task.

APP to remove the voice from a song on the cell phone

You will only have to activate the Microphone button in the SingPlay application and thus the song becomes its karaoke version, that is, without the singer’s voice. The process is performed in real time, that is, while you play the song.

It is very important to note that the result varies from song to song. The resulting track will be more or less clean. That is, sometimes you can hear the singer’s voice a little, or almost nothing. If you see that in a song the voice is not removed as you would like, try another song.

Obviously, the songs you are going to modify must be stored in the memory of the cell phone.

Other apps to convert songs to karaoke

Unfortunately, SingPlay is the only and probably the best app to unvoice a song on Android. Vocal Remover is an app that claims to do the same task, but honestly the result of the track is terrible. The sound is very “dirty”.

The MusiXMatch app had a function to eliminate the voice of the songs, which was quite good, and also showed you the lyrics (that does not offer SingPlay). However, it was a function of a version that dated February 2014. Currently this feature no longer exists in MusixMatch.  is a web page where you can remove the voice of a song completely online . However, the result is also not perfect.

To convert songs into Karaoke, the best results can be obtained from a PC. With the free program Audacity , you can remove the voice from the songs from the “Effect” menu. There you will find a function similar to “Voice Remover” or a related term. The disadvantage is that you will have to have your songs on the PC, and after removing the voice, transfer them to the cell phone.

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