How to organize paid access to the Telegram channel using the Nemilin bot

Today, paid subscription bots are used by many large bloggers. The task of such bots is to automate the acceptance of payments and control all members of your paid channel or group. Through the bot, access is issued to people who have paid, and at the end of a certain period, it warns of the need to renew the subscription, and if the user has not done this, the bot deprives him of access to the content. If you want to automate paid access to your Telegram channel or group, then you can use Nemilin bot.

Using this bot you simplify all financial transactions. The robot confirms the fact of the payment, and all funds are immediately transferred to your account, for example, an electronic wallet in one of the payment services, without charging a commission. The bot has a very diverse functionality and a lot of settings.


What conditions does @nemilin_bot offer

Nemilin supports all safety standards. There are 3 ways to earn money in Telegram using it:

  • Bot of paid subscriptions – make the entrance to your telegram channel or group paid;
  • Paid message bot – charge for each message in your group;
  • Donat Bot — with the help of nemilin you can receive donations in telegrams, as well as from any other platform, such as YouTube, VC, VK, Zen, etc.

As for tariffs, they differ depending on the turnover. If you have earned less than 5000 rubles per month, then the functionality is provided for free. There are options “BUSINESS” and “ANLIM”. The monthly fee for these tariffs is 1500 and 2500 rubles, respectively. In the first case, the turnover can be up to 60,000 rubles; in the second, this limit is absent. All rates are provided for a month.

It is important to note that the number of projects on one tariff is not limited. The restriction applies only to turnover. That is, for example, by paying 2500 for “ANLIM” you can create 5, 10 or 20 successful projects that bring you 100, 200, or maybe 900 thousand rubles a month, it all depends on your approach. A significant advantage over those who remove the commission for each payment. At the same time, you will receive donations in Telegram for free, they are not counted. The function of receiving donations is provided free of charge to all Telegram users. It is enough just to connect Nemilin to your channel and link the account to which donations will be received.

Of course, to accept donations, you can simply leave your card number, as people who do not know about nemilin bot do, but this is extremely inconvenient. It is impossible to track statistics, there is no additional functionality, there is no possibility of further mailings and much more, and a fully automated donation bot will help you concentrate on creativity. It is convenient that the donate bot created in Nemilin can be used not only in Telegram, it is enough to place a link to the bot in any social network, for example, VK or YouTube, and your fans will be able to thank you for your work from any platform simply by clicking on the link and indicating the amount . And the robot will keep all the statistics and accounting for you.

Another important factor is that you can work with Nemilin on any device. Both on a smartphone (Android, iOS) and on a computer. There is a convenient web version. When setting up the bot, you will need to provide your details, such as an electronic wallet. The received funds will come to it in real time, without delay. You will be able to accept payments from foreign users, but for this you need to register a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Also, this product can be used abroad. Cards of not only Russian banks are accepted for payment.

About paid messages

The bot provides various opportunities for efficient work. This functionality was announced in the summer of 2022, although the bot itself has been helping content authors earn money since 2019.

How it works paid messages in groups. There are quite a lot of users in large thematic groups. Some of them are trying to advertise products, services, groups or channels here. Others write insults at all, trying to piss off other members of the community. The administration often does not have time to delete such messages. The bot allows you to get rid of unwanted statements. You will also earn extra money with it.

For example, you can create a group for renting or selling real estate. In this case, you can take not a lot of money for posting messages. For example, 100-200 rubles. This will immediately cut off a lot of people who want to start a flood, post off-topic, but at the same time attract a better audience.

To automate the process of posting paid messages, you need to use the Nemilin bot. You can give regular customers access to a certain number of messages, for example, 100 messages for 300 rubles.

According to statistics, most often this functionality is used by specialists who give online consultations, such as: children’s doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc. A group is created where, in order to ask a question, you must pay in advance.

Of course, the group will have to be promoted. Ideally, you should have an already promoted, open channel in Telegram or on YouTube, filled with useful content that confirms your expertise. But with the right approach, you will receive a good income.

How to get started with paid subscriptions bot

  1. First you need to find @nemilin_bot in the Telegram search, go to it and click “START”.
  2. Next, you need to select the language and type of project you want to create (for example, “PAID SUBSCRIPTION”).
  3. Enter the name of the project, select what we want to connect – a channel or a group, and add the bot to the administrators following the instructions.
  4. The next item, the bot will offer to add another project for monetization, but you can return to this later if necessary. Now let’s move on to creating a tariff plan.
  5. Choose the appropriate currency, set the name and validity period of the tariff.
  6. Next, we move on to creating and setting up a seller bot that will interact with your subscribers. (We spend no more than 10 minutes on this strictly following the instructions from Nemilin)
  7. It remains only to connect a suitable payment system. (Here, special attention should be paid to the instructions).
  8. All! We receive a notification from the Nemilin telegram bot that all settings have been completed and you can start monetizing the project.

Tips for better monetization of your content in Telegram

No matter how trite it may sound, in order to successfully monetize a channel or group in Telegram, you must offer subscribers the content that they are willing to pay for. This is not difficult if you are already an expert in some field or a public figure whose life is closely followed by loyal fans. But if not, don’t despair! Most people today are extremely lazy, and especially in conditions of information overload, they are ready to pay for information already collected, structured and verified.

Also, some enterprising guys find some specialist who is far from a telegram, but do not mind sharing their knowledge accumulated over the years of work, of course, for a certain percentage. This is also a working option.

Keep making content! Do not upload all the information to your paid channel at once. Try to give out unique content in portions, develop the idea and leave intrigue. Your task is to “tighten” subscribers by instilling in them the maximum “dependence” on your content. Make it so that they are waiting for a new portion of information as the next episode of their favorite series or talk show.

Communicate with your audience, do it respectfully, and always listen to feedback. Make surveys, find out what is missing in your channel, study your target audience and adapt to them.

No ads in the paid telegram channel! Do not try to sit on two chairs. People are willing to pay for a subscription to good content, provided there are no annoying ads. Today, the subscription model is present almost everywhere, online cinemas, music, graphic editors, etc. The subscription itself is familiar to people, but failure to fulfill their obligations, in the form of a lack of declared content or the presence of intrusive advertising on a channel with paid access, is a road to nowhere. If you want to advertise on telegram, do it on an open channel, and regularly announce the availability of exclusive content available only through a subscription.

Study the statistics and draw conclusions (this also includes feedback from subscribers).


In the world of Telegram, there are many opportunities to make money, and one of the effective tools is to use the @nemilin_bot bot.

This Telegram bot is useful for those who want to monetize their content. This applies not only to bloggers, but also, for example, models, business coaches, psychologists, doctors, etc. To get subscribers, it is enough to offer them interesting and useful materials, while showing creativity. The main task of the bot is to automate processes. It solves many problems that previously had to be solved manually. This product saves a lot of time and effort. You can earn money in Telegram by focusing on content, and you can give all the routine work to Nemilin_bot.

Bot nickname in Telegram – @nemilin_bot
Knowledge base with all instructions –
Questions about the bot can be asked in Telegram – @Suport_groupss

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