How to make your smartphone fit for winter

Hardly anyone leaves the house today without a smartphone. This also applies in winter. But various dangers lurk here. We’ll show you how your mobile device can best survive the cold season.

EnlargeThe cold can already be felt everywhere. And the cell phone would also prefer to be warm.© smuki – Fotolia

As soon as it gets colder outside, the risk increases that your smartphone will be damaged. The battery, the mechanics and the display are particularly affected. With our tips you will get through the winter well.

Make the battery winterproof

A battery achieves its optimal performance at room temperature. A night in a cooled down car is therefore not recommended for a smartphone. If it does happen, you should wait until the device has reached room temperature before charging the battery. But: never heat up your smartphone on a radiator! Mechanical damage can result. It is better to warm the battery between your hands.

To support the optimal ambient temperature, you should keep the battery consumption of your mobile device as low as possible in winter. So examine the smartphone’s power options and activate energy-saving mode if necessary. Then all unnecessary functions such as WLAN and Bluetooth are switched off, which unnecessarily shorten the battery life.

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