How to know the IMEI of your STOLEN cell phone

If you did not save the IMEI number of your cell phone in advance, it can still be obtained AFTER your mobile has been stolen , to lock the equipment and make it unusable.

The IMEI is a number that identifies a mobile device internationally. This is the data you need to report your cell phone as stolen from your operator. In this way, the telephone cannot be used in said operator or operators in the country, or even in the region.


How to get the IMEI of my stolen Android phone

Google has the IMEI of your cell phone

Just go to the Google website Find my device There click on the circle button with an “i” inside and you can recover the IMEI of your stolen cell phone. Hopefully, you can find out the location of your phone right there and try to get it back with the police.

You can also get the IMEI from Google’s Find my device app. From version 2.2 this possibility already exists.

How to track a lost or stolen cell phone

Other ways to know the IMEI of my stolen cell phone

Request the IMEI from your operator

Simply contact customer service from another phone or directly at an agency. It is very likely that the IMEI of your stolen cell phone is registered in the operator’s system. And once I help you report the IMEI.

Find the purchase invoice

Sellers usually record the IMEI of the cell phones they sell on the invoice or receipt that they give you at the time of purchase. This way they can identify the team in case you make a warranty claim.

If you can’t find the invoice, contact the seller. You may have a backup of that invoice.

In case you have bought the cell phone online, look for the receipt on the seller’s platform. In the case of Amazon, go to your account. There enter your purchase orders, look for the cell phone order, and click on Invoice or «Invoice».

Did you already check the cell phone case?

That is another place where the IMEI number usually comes engraved.

Report theft with the cell phone IMEI

Just call your operator or visit a branch and report that you want to report your cell phone as stolen with the IMEI number.

By doing this you not only prevent your cell phone from being used by the country’s operators. In Latin America, some countries have made alliances to have a common blacklist of stolen cell phones. Thus, a cell phone reported as stolen in Ecuador cannot be used in that country or in Colombia, Peru or Bolivia.

If you hopefully get your stolen cell phone back, you should be able to lift the IMEI lock you made on the operator. You should only indicate what was the security key that you indicated when making the theft report.

This notification will be the culprit that you can NEVER recover your STOLEN cell phone

Certainly, blocking or reporting by IMEI is not invincible, but somehow cell phone theft is discouraged.

Block a stolen cell phone without IMEI

In some operators you may also be able to report without IMEI. However, you will surely need to indicate the serial number of the equipment, which can be seen in Settings, Device information. It is also usually on the box and invoice of the mobile.

If you don’t want to be in trouble, you can  register  or register the cell phone right after buying it. You will indicate all the data, including the IMEI. If it is stolen, you can call and request the lock or report with your phone number only. Confirm this procedure with the operator.

How to know the IMEI of my cell phone

There are several ways to find out the IMEI number of a mobile. The most common method is to dial the number * # 06 # in the phone application. It is also engraved on the back of the cell phone (under the battery or on the cover), on the device box or on the purchase invoice as mentioned above.

In addition to being used to ban mobile devices, the IMEI is also a necessary data when you want to free a cell phone to work in a specific mobile operator.

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