Have you ever wondered how to know if someone is on Facebook Dating? It’s not as easy as you might think, but not impossible.
How to know if someone is on Facebook Dating

One of the features of the service that Facebook offers to rival dating apps like Tinder, Badoo or Grindr is its respect for user privacy. This makes the task of how to know if someone is on Facebook Dating quite difficult , but it is not an impossible task. Although Facebook will not tell us which of our contacts are using this service within the social network, we can locate them in other ways.


Unlike the pure Facebook application, in which we have a search bar to easily find users, pages or groups, in the Couples service it is much more complicated. Regardless, there are a few steps we can take to figure out how to find someone on Facebook Dating without it becoming a needle in a haystack search.

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To be able to find someone on Facebook Couples we have to take into account that we do not have the direct search function with which we enter a name and find a profile. Facebook prevents it from being known which of your contacts is using this service, so you won’t be able to search for anyone on your friends list (unless you remove them).

To refine the search on Facebook Couples , when opening the Facebook application, click on the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right part of the screen and scroll down until we see ‘Couples’. Once inside, we will see the profiles that the application offers us, with the same appearance as other dating applications. At the top, we click on the wheel icon and there we can start modifying the data so that the tool offers us the results we want.

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If we know the person’s data such as height, age or distance, we can modify the search criteria so that users who fit those data appear, and by clicking on the ‘X’ or the heart we can find that profile. This process is not ideal, but users of this type of service tend to seek some discretion, so Facebook does not happily facilitate the possibility of finding them. We will have to be patient and accept or discard profiles until we find that person we want to look for (if they use Facebook Couples).


Both secrecy and privacy can also be quite fertile ground for possible infidelities, which leads many people to search for how to know if your partner is on Facebook Couples. As we have already specified above, Facebook Couples does not show you the profiles that you have in your list of friends, so you would have to delete your partner on Facebook so that his profile could appear on Facebook Couples.

Another more discreet alternative is to create an alternative Facebook account, in the purest elxokas style. It is not necessary to fall into the farce of creating a catfish , an account with a false identity using a photo that is not yours, since Facebook Couples does not force your profile photo to be one in which a person appears, it can be a logo or a landscape.

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When creating your alternative account, you can follow the steps in the previous section: set search filters with your partner’s data so that their profile is more likely to appear. This trick to inquire on Facebook Dating has an advantage, and that is that if your partner is really there and finds you, they won’t be able to play the trick of asking what you were doing on Facebook Dating too. You can also ask friends you don’t have in common to activate their profiles on Facebook Couples and act as informants if they see your partner there. It’s pretty twisted, but it’s still a solution.

To find out if your partner is on Facebook Couples or not , there is a more ‘analog’ method, and that is to ask them directly. If the relationship is based on mutual trust and sincerity does not have to be a problem that answers yes or no, although of course, if the doubt about whether it is on Facebook Couples has been installed in your subconscious, trust seems to is damaged in some way.

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