How to know how much battery a Bluetooth device has

One of the disadvantages of using headphones or a bluetooth speaker is that you don’t know how much battery they have left. Some devices only warn when the battery is low through an LED. Others don’t even have that. How to know how much battery is in your bluetooth headphones that are connected to your Android, at any time? There is an app called BatON that is capable of giving you that information.

View the battery of Bluetooth headphones from your Android

This application will help you see the battery of Bluetooth headphones or other devices, when you connect them to your Android mobile. BatON has a better reputation than the Bluetooth Battery Meter app , a popular alternative that is also used as a Bluetooth battery meter or indicator. From my own experience I can say that BatON works quite well.

There is something very important to say about this and other applications to know the battery of a Bluetooth device. All they can do is read the information provided by the device. If it does not offer this information or does it inaccurately , it is probably not the fault of the app, but of the Bluetooth device. There is nothing that can be done in that case. Please keep this in mind before rating an app of this type.

Measure the Bluetooth device battery every 3 hours

Another important aspect of BatON is that it is configured to view the battery of your Bluetooth headsets every 3 hours . If you are using your BT device intensively and you want to be aware of the battery, you can go to the settings and change the information update every hour, 30 or 15 minutes. Manually, you can see at any time how much battery is left, tapping on the app notification. You can also open the app and tap on the desired device. If you think the value is wrong, it is recommended to disconnect and reconnect the device to force a read.

BatON is a free application and works with Android 4.3 or higher system devices . It is very important that the Bluetooth device is capable of accepting / rejecting calls, or having Bluetooth 4.0 LE technology or higher so that it can provide battery information and the app can read it, as indicated before. Thus, you will be able to know how much battery your headphones, earphones and other Bluetooth devices that you connect to your Android have.

Download BatON App :

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