How to convert your normal speakers to Bluetooth easily

The cell phone is the music library that we consume most frequently. And it is perfectly possible to transmit it to almost any conventional speaker or hearing aid , without the need for cables. The solution is a small and inexpensive adapter .

Taking advantage of the phone’s Bluetooth technology, the idea is to convert the speakers to Bluetooth also with said adapter , so that both things can be understood and paired . This adapter will take charge of the wireless Bluetooth signal from the cell phone and transmit it to the speaker.

Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter

To convert speakers to Bluetooth you need an adapter like this one. The Bluetooth receiver passes the signal to the integrated 3.5mm port, which is where the speakers will be connected.

There are several adapters of this type on the market. One of the best I’ve come across is the Taotronics brand , available on Amazon for $ 16 .

If the audio input from the speakers is a 3.5mm jack (female), then you can use the 3.5mm jumper in the photo. If it is male (as in the case of headphones or computer speakers ) you can connect it directly to the Bluetooth adapter.

This device has buttons to control playback , so you do not depend on the cell phone. You can pause or play , turn the volume up or down and change tracks . It even has a microphone , so you can take advantage of it as hands-free . So you can talk on the phone, without having to put the cell phone to your ear.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery . You can charge the adapter with its USB cable while you are using it. According to the manufacturer, it takes an hour and a half to load. 1.5. It usually lasts about 10 hours in playback and 120 hours in standby mode.

It offers good range and good audio quality thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It is also capable of pairing with two devices at the same time .

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