How to install Google Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge

The first beta of Microsoft Edge under Chromium is available. Now, who says Chromium says access to extensions from the Chrome Web Store, right? By default, Microsoft Edge in Chromium only offers a limited selection of extensions approved by Microsoft. However, there is an option to activate access to alternative stores, including the Chrome Web Store. Here’s how to install the extensions of your choice on the future default browser in Windows 10. 

The move from Microsoft Edge to a Chromium kernel means greater compatibility with third-party browser extensions, especially those available from the Chrome Web Store. However, this is not necessarily the case with the default settings: in the beta of the Edge browser that Microsoft has just made available, there are, in fact, only a hundred extensions approved by the firm. To install extensions of other blinds, you must activate the functionality. We explain how to do it in a jiffy!

Microsoft Edge: How to Install Extensions from the Chrome Web Store

For that :

  • Open the Microsoft Edge beta under Chromium
  • Go to the menu  top right
  • Go to Extensions
  • At the very bottom of the window, on the left, activate the option  Allow installation of extensions from other stores
  • Accept the warning (yes, Microsoft does not verify these extensions itself…)
  • Click here to access the Chrome Web Store
  • Install any extension as you would on Chrome

It is of course possible to manage the installed extensions in the same Extensions  menu as that presented in the steps above. Thanks to the adoption of the same rendering engine as Chromium, and compatibility with extensions, choosing between Chrome and Edge, will ultimately be more of a choice between connecting all your data with Google services and cloud, or their Microsoft equivalents. We imagine that this will undoubtedly help to boost the latter’s market share.

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What do you think of this transition to a more open Microsoft Edge? Have you tested it? Share your feedback in the comments.

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