How to increase the maximum sound volume of an Android smartphone

Android smartphones like iPhone all have the same defect: the maximum volume coming out of their speakers is always too low – and we are not even talking about their rather poor quality here. It is nevertheless possible to unlock the maximum volume through applications. In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to do it in minutes with the free Volume Booster app.

Smartphones have always been excellent audio players. And yet their speakers are far from their strong point. In 2018, most manufacturers do not even offer stereo as standard. In addition to being of poor quality, the sound coming from the speakers of smartphones is often far too low to make the listening experience pleasant. It is nevertheless possible to play with the properties and the power of the speakers of smartphones, via applications.

How to increase the maximum sound level coming out of the speakers of an Android smartphone

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To increase the maximum sound of your Android smartphone:

Is boosting the volume beyond the maximum of an Android smartphone dangerous?

The developer GOODEV of Volume Booster stresses that the use of the application is at your own risk:  “some users report having destroyed their speakers or headsets. If you hear that the sound is distorted, turn the volume down (but it may already be too late) ”. The maximum volume of a smartphone is normally set by the manufacturer to obtain the best possible audio experience given the hardware limitations.

For headphones , increasing the volume beyond a certain limit can send too much current to the headphone solenoids, and damage or tear the membrane. Beyond the material risks, prolonged listening in headphones at too high a volume can irreparably damage your eardrums and lead to deafness. Caution is necessary, especially when you are in an already noisy environment that encourages volume increase and reduces the perception of danger.

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