Finding out how to get points on Shein for free is easy if you navigate in depth through the application. Discover the fastest ways to achieve it.
How to get points in Shein for free

It is rare today to find an application that does not incorporate some gamification process to further capture the attention of its users. Point systems are a fairly effective method, and Shein seeks to reward those people who want to obtain interesting discounts on its application to buy at even cheaper prices. This article will detail some tips on how to get free Shein points and make your purchase even more of a bargain.

In addition to the discounts that you can find with the coupons in the Shein store itself, the application has a points system that will help you make your purchases cheaper. With every dollar you spend on your purchases you will receive a point, but there are other methods to get them for free without having to buy. Registering, participating in draws and games offered by the platform, conducting surveys or sharing posts evaluating your purchases can also help you earn points without too much effort.

As soon as you register with Shein you start to earn points for your balance, and that is only with the registration and verification of your email you will already receive 100 points. The comments you make about the products you have purchased will not only help other customers, but will also earn you an extra stream of points. If you post a comment, you will get five, while if that comment goes with an image, you will earn 10 Shein points. If you also make a size assessment -something that other users appreciate-, you will have two extra points. The activity in Shein is remarkably rewarded.

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It is also worth paying attention to the contests that Shein proposes on a regular basis. With the outfits contests you can share your proposals to combine the garments from the Shein catalog and, if your outfit is popular enough and is among the 12 most voted, you will receive extra points. The editors of the platform may also highlight your proposal, which will make your outfit appear prominent in the app and give you more points.

With Shein Live broadcasts you can get points randomly, and if you contribute posts you can earn five more points, which can be converted to 50 if they catch the eye of the editors.

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There are many users who wonder how to transfer points to another Shein account to take advantage of the balance of a family member or acquaintance. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to transfer accumulated points from one account to another, and there are no signs that the application is considering activating this possibility, since what it is looking for is that there is activity in individual accounts.


Of course, you have to take into account that there is a limit of daily points in Shein , in case you planned to spam and spend all day collecting points so that your purchases are cheaper. Shein does not allow you to accumulate more than 8,000 points per day in total, a limit that gives users plenty of room to get the most out of the app. Within that limit, you can only get 2,000 for comments, 500 for events and 200 for surveys.

Similarly, not all points can be redeemed for a garment or accessory to be completely free. Points can only be used to pay a maximum of 70% of the total amount of the purchase (not counting shipping costs, extra fees and insurance).


Finally, don’t get distracted and take advantage of this trick to get points in Shein without buying . If you haven’t made any purchases yet and don’t have any items to comment on, take advantage of your daily entries in the application to accumulate points. By clicking on ‘Daily access’, you will accumulate points, although you will have to do it during a complete cycle of seven days. As you progress with this simple activity you will be able to earn extra points without much effort.

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