If you want to change your physical exercise with clothes, we show you how to buy on Shein using Sweatcoin coins.

Sweatcoin is an application that allows us to earn a series of coins in exchange for walking. And later we can exchange those coins for different products that they have in their own store. But it is also possible that what you are looking for is not in the app store. And surely you have wondered how to buy on Shein using Sweatcoin coins .

A priori, we could say that it is not possible to buy Shein with Sweatcoin coins. And it is that what the application gives us for walking is not real money. These are coins created especially by the app to purchase the products that it offers us. So, I can’t motivate myself to exercise thinking that I will finally be able to have all the clothes I have in my cart? Actually yes. What happens is that you first have to transfer the money you have in your Sweatcoin account to PayPal .

PayPal is one of the payment methods accepted by Shein. Therefore, once you have the money accumulated thanks to Sweatcoin in your PayPal account, you can use it without too many complications to make the purchases you want in the popular Chinese fashion store.


The problem is that Sweatcoin does not have a function that allows us to directly transfer our money to PayPal. Under normal conditions, we can only use the coins to purchase the products you have in your store. But there are times when we see certain amounts of money for PayPal as one of the rewards that we can find in that store. So we can take advantage of the moments in which the PayPal option appears and in this way transfer our money and then buy at Shein.

The only way for us to know when we are going to be able to convert our Sweatcoin coins into PayPal money is to keep a close eye on the store . If you are very interested in making purchases on Shein, we recommend that you check if this reward is available every day.

Once you have the money in PayPal, you can buy directly with this method in Shein or transfer it to your bank account and pay by card.



You may be wondering how to shop Shein with the Sweatcoin app without constantly keeping an eye on the rewards store. There is a way to do this, and that is to become part of their influencer program . People who are part of this program can transfer their money to PayPal directly, so that you can later use it to buy clothes in the Chinese store.

Through its website, you can propose yourself as an influencer to promote this application on social networks . In this way, you can earn rewards including money for PayPal that you can then use to buy at Shein.

To be part of the influencer program, you will need to download the app and invite at least 20 people to start using it.

From there, you can get rewards for promoting the app on your social networks. On the website itself you will find ideas that you can share directly, although you also have the option of creating your own content with which to encourage your followers to walk .

The rewards will appear in the Sweatcoin app itself, just like the ones you get for walking. Once you have been able to transfer your reward to PayPal you will be able to buy everything you want on Shein . Therefore, you will have two motivations to exercise: one to give you coins and another to be in shape so that those clothes you are wanting to buy look great on you.

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