How to enable or disable the dark theme of WhatsApp

Officially, WhatsApp has enabled the “dark theme” option in the latest version of its Android application, which basically puts a dark background on all the screens to make it more user-friendly at night or prevent you from being dazzled. the eyes.

In Android 9 or lower versions, the dark theme option is available in WhatsApp Settings, Chats, Theme, Dark. You can reverse the change with the “Light” theme, which is the app’s “normal” mode.

You may also see the “Set by battery saver” option, which automatically turns the dark theme on or off when it starts up or turns off the device’s power saving mode.

On devices with Android 10 or iOS 13, apparently you should activate the dark theme from the system settings, change that WhatsApp “will inherit”.

This option works perfectly with the default background (Settings, Chats, Background). If you change to «No background» WhatsApp will put a light colored background. If you use a solid or custom color background it will respect those settings.

In case you do not have the latest version of the application, right now 2.20.64 (check in Settings, Help, Info. Of the application), simply go to Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp and click on “Update”. If you don’t see such an option, you can also download the APK from APKmirror and install it manually.

If even after updating you do not see the theme option in the WhatsApp settings, make a backup of your chats (Settings, Chats, Backup, Save) uninstall and reinstall the application. According to, this will force the download of updated WhatsApp settings from the server. Or at least that’s how it worked with beta version 2.20.13.

WhatsApp Web

To have the dark theme on WhatsApp Web you simply have to install an extension in your browser. Stylus for Chrome is one of the most prominent. It is also available for Firefox.

Source: WhatsApp

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