Download Android drivers for Windows PC (USB, ADB, etc.)

If you are going to work with your cell phone and PC connected through the USB cable, you must install your Android drivers in advance on that PC, same drivers that you can download in the links below and are compatible with any Android , for Windows 7, 10 , or even the old XP .

The driver is simply a program that allows you to “link” your phone to the PC correctly using the USB cable and that they can interact with each other (for example, to transfer files, view and control the cell phone from the PC, send commands using ADB and Fastboot, etc.).

IMPORTANT : Before installing any of the driver packages listed below, be sure to uninstall any other packages that you have installed for your Android. If you install duplicate drivers, you will cause a conflict and it is very possible that your phone is not recognized by the PC. If you have problems, check the instructions on how to install the drivers for a cell phone.

USB Drivers

The «USB» driver package that you can get on the official website of the cell phone manufacturer (the websites of some manufacturers are listed here) can contain all the drivers you need for most common tasks. Here are some direct links taken from the indicated list:

  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • Xiaomi
  • LG
  • Mediatek (these drivers are supposed to be used for any device with a Mediatek processor, including here the clone cell phones that these CPUs usually bring)

Some manufacturers also usually integrate their drivers into their comprehensive PC software, such as the Motorola Device Manager, Samsung Kies, etc.

You have to install the .EXE file on your Windows XP, 7 or 10 (on Linux and Mac it is not necessary to install drivers). Only after installation, connect your cell phone to the PC and wait for the process to complete.

ADB Drivers

The same USB drivers mentioned above may contain the ADB driver, which is the one that will allow you to send adb commands to your phone.

If not, and you can’t send commands, uninstall those drivers and install this universal, open-source ADB driver package created by renowned developer Koushik Dutta. By universal I mean that it is compatible with most Android devices. It works for Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10  of 32 and 64 bits.

This installer also contains the driver for working via FastBoot. After installing the pack, you would have to put your cell phone in FastBoot mode and connect it to the PC with the USB cable to complete the installation.

Note : Once the ADB driver is installed, it is important that you restart the PC.

Other ADB Drivers

Some users claim that the official Google USB drivers, available here, can be used for any device, only that they must be “forced” to install.

You can also try this pack created by an independent developer, which is quite popular. In addition to the drivers themselves, it incorporates the ADB and FastBoot tools that we recommend using if you have problems installing these programs in the official way (something relatively technical)

Another alternative universal driver is the Universal Naked Driver, available at the same forum

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