If you want to win games and get the crowns, pay attention to the following tips to know how to win crowns easily in Stumble Guys.
How to easily win crowns in Stumble Guys

In Stumble Guys you will compete against other players , since only one can win the game and receive the crown. Here we tell you the best tricks to know how to easily win crowns in Stumble Guys . Write down the following tips to overcome the barriers and precipices like an expert and thus get the precious crowns.

Stumble Guys is the best alternative to Fall Guys . As in the desktop title, you must advance through the stage until you cross the finish line . It will not be an easy task, since it is full of traps and precipices, so you must be careful not to be swept away by a spinning roller or crushed by a cannon projectile. Oh, and all this without forgetting the other players, who can grab you or hinder you to throw you off the stage.

At first, new players will think that winning a game is an unattainable goal, but with more practice, they will see it closer. Therefore, the first tip on how to easily win crowns in Stumble Guys is to play Stumble Guys continuously. It seems obvious, but it is only possible to improve through practice, not only because you memorize the scenarios, but because you will take the measure of the jumps or better calculate the time in which to leave a floating panel. Anyway, we bring you the best tips so you know how to easily win crowns in Stumble Guys :

  • Customize the game: The game should be set up so that you feel comfortable playing it. In the upper right corner of the main menu you will see a nut symbol, these are the settings. Once inside “Settings” you can configure the resolution, the shadows, the names of the players and the most important thing: the controls. The presets can be distracting or not suit your style, so it’s a good idea to adjust them to the way you play.
  • Arriving first is not necessary : ​​To win the game you must arrive first at the finish line, but this is not essential in the previous rounds. In the first rounds it is better to secure the position even if you do not do «pole». Qualifying is the key, whether you do it as 1st or 16th.
  • You have not fallen until the fall: Until your character is falling through the void, you are still alive. Do not give up before a possible fall and less if you are close to the goal. Keep pressing the forward button and try one last horizontal jump, because you never know if you’re going to unexpectedly bounce off a curb or grab onto the platform in extremis.
  • Use the traps : As you will notice, there are various traps on the map that will throw you off the stage, waste time or push you back. Normally they harm you but at certain times they can benefit you. For example, you can use a mat that pushes you, to reuse that push vertically and ascend to a safer platform where there are fewer rivals.
  • Block your rivals : Your goal in Stumble Guys is to reach the finish line before the other players. As we mentioned before, in the initial rounds the order is not very relevant, so we do not recommend fighting against other players. On the other hand, in Finals or Panel Eliminations, or Fixed Stages, you can block your opponents from falling off the platform to get them back to the start or eliminate them faster.


Due to their prestige, many players will be wondering what crowns are for in Stumble Guys. The answer is somewhat disappointing: crowns are absolutely useless. They don’t unlock outfits or reward upgrades , ultimately, they don’t upgrade the player. Despite this, they are a trophy that counts how many times you have won a game. They symbolize prestige, since only players with the necessary skill to impose themselves on others have them.


We can see the global ranking to recognize those who have the most crowns. To observe the ranking we must click on «Classification» in the main menu . In this section, the 100 players with the most Trophies and Crowns will be listed, either globally or locally, or nationally. Now that you know how to win crowns easily in Stumble Guys, nothing will stop you from joining the prestigious ranking. If you still don’t play, download the app in the Play Store or App Store and compete!

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