Do you want to share with your friends your passion for your favorite series? We teach you how to download the Stranger Things WhatsApp stickers for free.

If you’ve already swallowed the fourth season of Stranger Things or at least you’re in it, you’re probably interested in knowing how to download Stranger Things WhatsApp stickers for free.

Stickers are a form of visual communication on WhatsApp that goes beyond emojis and GIFs. And we can find practically any theme stickers, and we can even create our own. And having stickers of almost everything that can come to mind, a series with the popularity of Stranger Things could not be less and also has its own packs.



As part of the promotion for the fourth season that arrived on Netflix last Friday, WhatsApp has released an official Stranger Things sticker pack . Therefore, its download will be totally free and also very simple. You don’t need to download any additional application, start creating your own stickers or enter websites of dubious origin. All you have to do is enter this link and click on the Open WhatsApp button to have the stickers at your fingertips.

It is important that we bear in mind that in order to download these stickers it is necessary that we open the link on a mobile device . Even if you have the desktop version of WhatsApp installed on your computer, this is currently dependent on the mobile, so you need to download the stickers first on your phone and then you can use them whenever you want.

Once you have opened the link on your smartphone, you will not have to do anything special to be able to use them. When you go to send a WhatsApp, go to the stickers tab and you will find the Stranger Things pack there. You only have to choose the one you like the most and hit send.

The pack is quite complete and you will find stickers of all the characters and various situations in the series. Therefore, whatever the situation in which you have considered sending one of them, there is sure to be a sticker that perfectly suits what you want to express.



In addition to this pack of Stranger Things stickers, in the Google Play Store we can find other packs related to the series that may be interesting for you if the official ones don’t convince you. In this case, it is about apps that we must download to our smartphone, and then add the stickers to WhatsApp. In this way, you can expand the number of stickers available in the series.

One of them is Stranger Things stickers for WhatsApp . It is a collection of stickers about the series that differ from the official ones in that they are not real photos of the actors, but drawings related to the series. From the famous alphabet to communicate from the Upside Down to drawings of the main characters, there is a wide variety of stickers available here.

In Stranger Things Wallpaper & Stickers we can find both stickers and wallpapers for our smartphone. The stickers are a little different from those that we can find in the official pack, although in this case they are also photos of the main protagonists of the popular Netflix fiction. But the reason that could lead you to download this pack instead of using the official one, which is a bit simpler, is that it also has several wallpapers with which you can give your mobile a very special touch.

Finally, in Millie Bobby Brown Stickers you can find a large number of stickers of the protagonist of the series, with photos from inside and outside of Stranger Things.

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