How to create your own Street View with Photo Sphere!

Google now lets you add your own 360 ° photos and Photo Sphere panoramas to Google Street View . Enough to add personalized routes that may not already be on the Google service. A way for the giant of Mountain View to enrich its service and to share your discoveries and your routes with your friends and the whole world!

You know Street View, the Google service that allows you to virtually visit many places around the world . But until now Google cameras had to be passed to a place for it to be listed in the service. From now on, you will be able to contribute to it thanks to your Android smartphone or tablet and share your trips, or simply list your workplace, your house or your favorite landscapes.

Create your own Street View with your photos and panoramas

To do this, you will have to link several photospheres together . Whether with your Android smartphone or with your digital camera. Then go to the site to assemble your photospheres at 360 degrees and create real interactive routes. To achieve this, you are taken by the hand by Google who explains how to share your discoveries in the most immersive way possible.

The photo sphere function is available on the camera application of your Android terminal. You don’t necessarily need the new Google Nexus 5 to do this, this 360 ° panorama function is available on your smartphone. The name can sometimes change. On the LG G2 , this is for example “VR Panorama”. With this new function, your vacation photos will take on another dimension, even if it takes a little longer. What do you think of Street View and have you contributed to it?

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