So you can download the content of any WhatsApp status
How to copy someone else's WhatsApp status 1

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. One of the functions that users like the most is the status function. If you have seen the content of a status that you would love to save because you find it very interesting, today we will tell you how to easily copy another person’s WhatsApp status .

WhatsApp states allow users to share all kinds of images, videos, phrases or animated GIFs. These states automatically disappear 24 hours after their publication and are not stored anywhere. It may be that at a certain moment you love the image that one of your contacts shares. If so, you may be wondering how to copy someone else’s WhatsApp status. To carry out this action there are several ways that we will tell you about.

One of the most basic and simple ways to know how to copy a WhatsApp status from another person is to take a screenshot. To do this you just have to open the messaging application and go to the states. Then visualize the one that interests you and take a screenshot. Then save it to your gallery. It is a basic way to copy a state.

Remember that the way to take a screenshot will depend on the device you have s. If you do not know how it is, we recommend that you search Google how to take the screenshot of your mobile brand and model. If what you need is to download the content of the state, in the following section we will tell you how to do it.


In the previous section we have explained that there are several ways to know how to copy another person’s WhatsApp status. The simplest is the screenshot, but if you want to download the content in good quality, we explain how to download another person’s WhatsApp status.

If you have an Android device and want to know how to copy someone else’s WhatsApp status with better quality, follow the steps below.

–              Open the “Files” application of the mobile device. If you don’t have it installed, download it from the Google Play Store because it’s free.

– Once you have the app open, look for the “WhatsApp” folder with the magnifying glass. Then you will see another folder that says “Media”. Get into it.

– Now just activate the function to show hidden files. To do this, press the three points in the upper corner and enter Settings . There you must click on “Display hidden files”

– You will see a folder that says “Status”. Enter that folder and not only the photos but also the videos of the States of your WhatsApp friends will appear. Choose the one you want to download.

How to copy someone else's WhatsApp status 2

Another somewhat more complicated way to download WhatsApp status is to do it from a computer with WhatsApp WebTo do this, log in to WhatsApp Web with the browser and then enter the states.

When you’re looking at the state you want to download, right-click on the free space in your browser. In the pop-up menu, click on the “Inspect” option. On the right side of the browser, a column will open with different options, among which you must enter “Red” or “Network”.  You will see that in the column where you are, a kind of temporary line is loaded at the bottom. In it, you will be able to see the elements that the web loads each time you click on a site.

Stay inside the “Network” or “Network” tab and start to see the status. Information about those statuses as photos or videos will appear on the timeline. Those files are from the states and you just have to click on them, now click on the states you want to start seeing them. When you do, you’ll see that loading states will bring up files on the timeline. If you look closely, among the elements that are loaded there will be some in photo or video format, such as the JPG of the capture, which are the photos. You just have to press the right button to see the options that it allows you to do, such as “Save image”.

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