How to convert a video to GIF on Android

There are two typical ways to convert video to GIF on Android. Possibly the fastest way is to convert a video to GIF online from the same browser on your Android. The other common option is to install an application for this purpose. Below we show the best alternatives based on these two methods.


Convert video to GIF online

On this website you can convert video to GIF online from your Android. You can choose the video file saved in the memory of your phone. You can also convert a YouTube video to GIF by entering the URL of the video. Apparently you can also enter web addresses from other platforms, such as Vimeo.

The website states that you can record a video with the camera and convert it directly. However, for some reason I was unable to do it on my phone. I also could not with the page mentioned below. The solution is to burn first and then choose the file and convert.

At you can add effects, stickers, text, draw, and edit the GIF in multiple possible ways. Obviously you can also modify the duration, start and end. The downside is that the GIF will come out with a watermark. To remove this watermark you must subscribe to the service.

Link :

Giphy GIF Maker

This is an online converter very similar to the previous one. Allows you to convert a video into GIF from a file saved in the cell phone storage. You can also enter the URL of a video on the internet to convert it. Unfortunately I was unable to convert a YouTube video to GIF on this website. You also cannot select the camera to convert directly from what is recorded.

With Giphy GIF Maker you can convert videos of 20 seconds or less to GIF.

The video must be 20 seconds long or less to convert it to GIF.

Giphy also has an application to download GIFS and share them on WhatsApp and other platforms.

Link : Giphy GIF Maker

Video to GIF with APK

Giphy cam

With this application, you can record the video and directly convert it to GIF. You can also choose a video file previously saved in the cell phone storage.

With Giphy Cam you can also edit the resulting GIF with lots of effects, stickers, text and many other editing tools.

Download Giphy Cam :

GIF Maker

This is another powerful APK to convert video to GIF on Android. Like the previous case, you can record the video to convert or select one stored on the cell phone. Similarly, there are multiple editing tools here, such as frames, stickers, effects, text, among others.

If you want to convert video to GIF without losing quality (or without losing too much quality), apparently Gif Maker is the best option. In the settings you can choose the size of the output GIF, as well as the maximum number of images or «frames».

Download GIF Maker :

How to convert a video to GIF on WhatsApp

For a long time you can convert video to GIF on WhatsApp (and obviously send them there). On the chat screen, tap a clip shape. Choose “Gallery”. Then choose the video in the memory of the cell phone. On the edit screen that will appear, tap where it says GIF to convert it. On the same editing screen you can add stickers, text or draw freehand.

Keep in mind that, on WhatsApp, the duration of the video must be 6 seconds or less in order to convert to GIF.

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