How to clean Android: cache, data, junk files

The memory of your Android smartphone is full? It is high time to put a sweep in the cache, data and other unnecessary files! Follow this guide to perform these maintenance operations in a jiffy, either via an application, or without any autopilot for more experienced users. 

Among the very many applications present on the Play Store , we have retained one which seems to us to represent the best of what is being done in the field.SUMMARY


How to clean up Android cache: CCleaner, the simplest solution

PC users already know it, but  CCleaner  is not limited to it. Cleaner is actually available on several platforms, including Android.

CCleaner cleaning

To use CCleaner:

  • Open CCleaner
  • Touch  Analyze  to start a full scan (the operation can take several minutes)
  • Choose from the list what you want to clean or keep
CCleaner settings

Don’t have CCleaner yet ? No problem, click on the button below to install it on your smartphone!

Note : CCleaner seems to us the easiest application to use. However, she has a great alternative, CleanMaster , which we also recommend.

How to clean your Android smartphone manually: cache, junk files and other data

If, however, you do not want to use a cleaning application, you can clean your smartphone manually by following the steps below:

Clean the cache of your Android smartphone

For it :

  • Go to Settings> Storage> Device memory
  • Touch  Cached Data  then Delete
clean the cover

This method frees up space by deleting cached data for unnecessary folders. If you want to do it manually you will have to delve a little thanks to a file explorer – we also offer you  a top of the best file explorers for Android . Once you’ve deleted the cache, you’ve deleted most of the junk files .

Unnecessary files, other data: clean the downloads folder

It is very easy to forget what accumulates in the Downloads folder . To delete these unnecessary files:

  • Open the Downloads folder using your favorite file explorer
  • Delete unnecessary files

For further

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