After accumulating a good amount of ‘sweatcoins’, it’s time to go to the store and discover how to buy in Sweatcoin to acquire items or participate in charitable causes
How to buy on Sweatcoin

After accumulating a good series of kilometers, it is time to obtain the reward for our effort, that is why we must know how to buy in Sweatcoin to be able to transform the sweat of the walk (or the race) into the articles or services that we like the most. in the app store.

When we have accumulated an amount of sweatcoins (we will receive one for every 1,000 steps, even walking indoors), we can spend them in the app store for the products that are on sale at that moment . The Sweatcoin store is constantly rotating its inventory, so if nothing ends up convincing you, you can always wait and continue accumulating sweatcoins , the more you have, the better items you can acquire without costing you a single euro, just using the effort accumulated with your steps over time.


Those users wondering where to buy things with Sweatcoin won’t have to look far. The application itself already includes its store , where users can exchange their sweatcoins for everything that is in the catalog. To access the Sweatcoin store, you just have to press the icon with two bags that is located in the lower menu bar of the application. New users will have to confirm the first time they enter the country they are in, for the catalog of that territory to be displayed.

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In the ‘Shop’ tab (it is expected that in future updates there will be a better translation, but at the moment Spanish and English are alternated in the texts), you will be able to see what you can buy, and if something interests you, you can select it. To confirm the purchase in Sweatcoin , you will have to slide your finger across the width of the screen in the space provided for it, thus avoiding purchases by mistake, and then confirm it completely.

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The app has some clear limitations , beyond the complaints users report about the effective count of steps . The number of products for sale in the store is quite scarce and within this poor offer, it is common to find items that are not available, so in this sense Sweatcoin still has a lot of room for improvement. The 5% commission that the application takes for each operation is also something that does not please all users.


If you are interested in knowing how to make a donation in Sweatcoin , you just have to press the ‘Donate’ tab that you will find inside the store in the app. Several charity campaigns appear there (they usually modify one every week) and you can allocate your sweatcoins to the one that most attracts you . In the month of LGBTQI+ pride, the active campaign has already accumulated more than two million sweatcoins from platform users.

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For those who are not convinced by the store’s catalog or donation campaigns, several options with auctions (‘Bid’ tab) and cryptocurrencies (‘Crypto’ tab) will also be available at Sweatcoin . Auctions give users the option to aim for an even bigger prize by bidding their sweatcoins at key moments.

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In the future, it will also be possible to exchange sweatcoins for sweats , the official cryptocurrency of the developer company , which plans to launch it this summer, but that option is not yet available, although the wallet can be activated, as specified in this item .

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