How to Activate the Latest XL Alert 2019 Credit!


Now the electronic world is growing and there are already many manufacturers out there who are competing to produce goods for sale on the market, for example mobile phones. One of the famous ones is Apple and if we talk about Android, of course you all already know the big brands from Android.

But the cellphone was bought not only for display, but was used to communicate. Of course, to communicate (telephone and sms) you need credit. Now you can buy pulses online at the pulse purchase and PPOB payment application, Sepulsa.

Sepulsa Mate, speaking of pulses, we surely already know that in Indonesia there are many telecommunications companies that have long been established and operating, one of which is XL. XL has been used by thousands of people in Indonesia and even abroad.

Back to the initial discussion, if you want to telephone and sms certainly need credit. But what if you are in a trapped state and want to telephone someone but your credit runs out. Now don’t worry, for those of you who use XL providers, you can use standby pulses.

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Here’s how to activate XL Standby Credit!

Via Code * 123 * 9110 #

  • First, open the telephone menu on your mobile
  • Next enter the code * 123 * 9110 #
  • Then several credit options will appear, please choose according to your needs
  • Initial users of XL providers will get a credit loan of Rp3,000 and will differ according to the customer’s profile.


  • Open the message menu on your mobile
  • Next, please type SPECIAL or EMERGENCY
  • Send to 911
  • Wait for the next SMS and just follow the instructions.

In this XL credit feature, you will be charged an additional fee, namely Admin Fee. However, the number will differ depending on the profile of the customer.

For example, XL customers get a credit loan of IDR 10,000, then the Admin Fee costs IDR 2,000. So that XL customers must return the amount of credit of Rp. 12,000.

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XL Standby Credit List

Standby CreditAdmin FeeReturn Fee
Rp10,000Rp. 2,000Rp. 12,000
Rp5,000Rp1,000IDR 6,000

If you have already used XL standby credit and want to check how much your standby pulse usage is and how much you need to pay off and there are many other menus that you can use to check everything related to XL standby credit loans, all that can be done with the menu ” Self Care. “

Here’s How to Use the “Self Care” Menu

  • Open the phone menu on your cellphone
  • Type * 123 * 9110 #
  • Select 3. Self Care
  • Finally select the menu you want.

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