NGL allows you to ask anonymous questions through Instagram. Here we tell you how to use it and if it is completely anonymous.
How the NGL Link works on Instagram

If you want to ask something to a special person or simply know what your followers think about you, NGL allows you to do it. This is a mobile app that connects to your Instagram so other users can anonymously ask questions . For this it is necessary to share the link in the stories, so if you don’t know, here we show you how to do it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that “NGL” stands for “not gonna lie”, which we could translate as “I’m not going to lie” . It is an application very similar to or, which years ago had their moment of glory and fulfilled a similar function. To use it, it must be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store on the phone.


You must first download the application, either for iOS or Android. When entering the application, which is in English, you must click on “Get Questions” (be asked). It is essential to have an Instagram account. Once inside, copy the link and share it in a story using the «Link» stick . Users who access the link will be able to ask you and you can answer their questions.

The application menu is made up of two parts. The first is PLAY, which is the previous link. The second is INBOX, which is where the questions will appear, which will be stacked by boxes and you can answer the ones you want and whenever you want. In addition, it is possible to share them on Instagram without the need to capture the screen, as was the case with other platforms.


NGL is sold as a totally anonymous application but it is not. The person asked can obtain clues about the person who formulated them , since the text “Who sent this?” appears under each message. which, in Spanish, means “Who sent this?” The Pro subscription gives you data about the anonymous, but this subscription is not free, you have to pay for it.


After arrival in Spain, the cost of subscribing to NGL is 8.99 euros per week. However, even if you have a subscription, the identity of the person asking the question is never revealed , although aspects such as the phone model or its location are.


These types of apps allow for active communication, but also offensive questions from trolls. Therefore it is possible to block and report the questions . In turn, the application also promises to filter the most offensive messages that use emojis. However, what alerts some experts is the collection of information from NGL itself, which does not belong to META, the company that owns Instagram, even though it uses its social networks.


NGL premiered in 2021 and was created in Venice Beach, California. After an explosion of popularity in the United States, it has arrived in Spain. It does not have a Spanish version, but being so intuitive it is not a great impediment to use it. At the moment it is already the most downloaded free social app in Spain and has more than 5 million downloads worldwide. We will see how it evolves, but it seems that it promises great success.

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