How does the modem work and what are the varieties

USB flash

When a user first connects to the Internet, he immediately asks himself the question “What is a modem and what is it for?” After reading the article, we will find out what it is, what types are there and what is its purpose.

Types of devices

What devices are there for connecting to a local and worldwide network?

What is a modem

This word is formed by the merger of two terms. One term is modulator. This special circuit is responsible for encoding the signal. And the second term is the word demodulator. It is easy to guess that this component performs a completely opposite function. In general, their functions are as follows: encoding and transmitting a signal, receiving and transforming it.

ATTENTION. Earlier, computers were connected to the Internet using telephone wires. Network cards are replacing, as they have a higher speed. There are also wireless modems that are not yet so popular. 

Why and when they are needed

There are only two moments when we need a modem. One of them, or rather the first, refers to the recent past. Connection to a computer was then ensured with the help of such equipment, as well as a telephone line. This moment became almost irrelevant when network cards were born. After all, they are much cheaper in cost, and the speed is several times higher. And also the reliability of the connection is much better. And the second point is relevant for people who travel. They need the Internet, for which they do not need wires and unnecessary devices – wireless Internet.

By way of execution

According to the method of execution, the specified device is divided into two types: internal and external. Internal ones are installed inside the system unit. And to provide an external modem connection, you need an expansion slot for a PC, laptop or tablet. If you have a laptop or tablet, then you will need a hardware toggle switch, of course, if you have one. And it needs to be set in the appropriate position. If you have a question “What is modem mode”, then we will now answer it. There are two modes in total: digital and analog. It depends on the signal of the telephone line. If you have a wireless device, then only digital mode will be available to you.

Analog mode

By connection type

The connection for this equipment can be different – both wired and wireless. For wired ones, a special connector for a telephone cable is characteristic. In older devices, you could do one thing: talking on the phone or surfing the Internet. Nowadays there is a special kind of such devices that allows you to do these things at the same time. This device is called an ADSL modem. It converts the separating conversation and the transmitted signal to different frequencies. This means that not one, but two data streams go along one wire (cable). A wireless transmits data by electromagnetic radiation.

ADSL technology

By type of supported networks

This characteristic only applies to wireless devices. There are the following types of networks: GSM or 2G, 3G, LTE or 4G. All of these networks are backward compatible. In simple terms, 3G will work in the GSM network without any problems. If you wondered what a USB modem is, now you will get an answer to it. This device is most often created in this form. A flash drive is what this equipment looks like. Its main function is to provide wireless data transmission. It must have a SIM card slot. It is connected to a computer in a USB slot.

USB flash

Broadband modem

A broadband modem is a device that will satisfy all the needs of the user. It provides high speed internet as well as data transfer from your computer. A broadband modem is about 40 times more powerful than a regular one. Its main advantage is a reliable connection to the network and fast sending and receiving of documents, etc. In simple words, a modem is a device that allows us to access the Internet.

In the article, we have laid out everything on the shelves with you, learned about its types. We hope that after reading the article, you have no questions left about this wonderful device. Share the article with your friends and like it. You can write all your questions in the comments, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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