How do you replace the Android Launcher?

A launcher is the homescreen of an Android device. This appears as soon as you press the home button. On Android you have the option of completely replacing this screen with a custom launcher. So you can adjust it better and adapt it to your needs.

Launcher for Android – this is how Android becomes clear

There are launcher with which you can simulate an iOS or Windows Phone on your Android . In the case of weak smartphones, a lighter launcher can even increase performance and thus ensure better usability. Setting up another launcher is not particularly difficult. As soon as you download a launcher from the Play Store, you can set it as the default launcher by pressing the home button.

  1. The Nova Launcher offers you a great deal of adaptability. The performance is only very slightly influenced. The launcher is very reminiscent of the normal Android launcher, but you can adapt the complete look to your needs. To do this, simply download certain icon packages from the Google Play Store .
  2. With the Lawnchair Launcher you can use the functions of Google Pixel on all smartphones. You can activate a night mode to save energy and increase the battery life.
  3. With the Evie Launcher you have the option of using a minimalist interface that allows you to easily coordinate all icons.

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