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See how to get to the center of Madrid with Google Maps easily.
Google Maps Madrid: how to get there

Do you have to travel to the capital of Spain? Well, the Google Maps app makes it very easy for you, look at Google Maps Madrid: how to get there . We explain everything easily so that you receive all the directions to get to the city.

Google Maps is one of the favorite applications of users to move to any place thanks to its map features. On this platform you can also see old photos , locate the best restaurants in a city, find information about businesses or see how to get to natural monuments by bicycle.

This application is ideal to go to big cities because it shows you the different routes that there are to get to the center . If you go to Madrid and want to know the directions to the center of the capital, don’t get lost on Google Maps Madrid: how to get there, we show you all the information below.

So you can use locate on Google Maps Madrid: how to get to your destination by following the directions easily and simply . To carry it out, follow the steps shown below:

  • Open Google Maps and in the top search box type “Madrid” .
  • Then in the results click on the first one.
  • Then you must click on “How to get there” . Remember that this route will take you to the center of Madrid.
  • Choose the means of transport in which you are going to move. It appears below the start and end of the route you have at the top.
  • Now you will see the different routes you can choose and the time it takes for each of them. Sections that appear orange or red indicate difficult traffic conditions.
  • Choose the one that suits you best and finally click on “Start”.


In the previous section we have seen Google Maps Madrid: how to get to the city. Now we are going to show you how to see Google Maps Madrid in satellite view. This is something quite simple and very useful if you want to obtain images from the sky of any point in the capital.

To see Madrid on Google Maps in satellite view, the first thing you have to do is open the Google Maps application on your mobile device, whether you have Android or an iOS mobile. Next, write “Madrid” in the upper search box and choose the first result that appears. Then click on the diamond-shaped icons that you have on the map in the upper right part of the screen. In the displayed interface choose “satellite”.

You will now see the map in satellite view. Just zoom in or out with your fingers on the screen to see any area in satellite view with more or less detail.

Google Maps Madrid: how to get there


If you already know in Google Maps Madrid: how to get to the capital, but you need to know the special areas, look in Google Maps, how to see Madrid Central.

Central Madrid is an area of ​​the capital that is cataloged as having low emissions. Not all vehicles can circulate in it, only those that have special badges. Those who have the ECO and Zero badge can enter and park freely. Now this area has changed its name, but the restrictions are very similar, being established in “Special Protection Low Emissions Areas”. Basically, Madrid Central coincides territorially with the Centro district and includes the neighborhoods of Palacio, Embajadores, Cortes, Justicia, Universidad and Sol.

If you want to know how to see the entire area that Madrid Central occupies on Google Maps, we will explain it to you below. To do this, you can open this link in your mobile phone browser or on your computer. As you will see there is a blue area that shows everything that is the low emission zone and where there are restrictions.

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