Get Android ready for beginners and seniors

There are still many newcomers to smartphones. A guide for people who have to give help in the family or with friends.

If you want to explain a smartphone to a complete beginner, you sometimes come across astonishing questions. While iPhones still offer a fairly uniform user interface, this is not the case with Android smartphones. One or the other tip is ineffective because, for example, newcomers to smartphones cannot find the corresponding menus at the point indicated by the helper.

Basically, it is better if you can start advising when buying a smartphone. Because for some people a cell phone for the elderly may be the better choice. You can find something like this in this test .

Sometimes you also have to explain very basic things, such as the choice of tariff or what apps are, where contacts are saved and what data protection risks exist if, for example, you use free apps with advertising or simply what it means to Google with data about your contacts or your visitors Places supplied.

Even if you block your own smartphone with data protection technology and neither give in to Google’s temptations nor those of other apps, you have to consider whether it might be a better idea for the person you might be using your smartphone for in everyday life, such as contacts and / or save the calendar on Google’s servers or in another cloud. As a contact person, you have to be prepared to ensure that nothing is lost and the user can continue seamlessly, for example when moving to a new device.

Since the manufacturers of Android smartphones see their salvation in the development of different user interfaces, helpers often have to reckon with questions such as: “Where’s my app?” or: “How do I get the apps on the display so that I only see the ones I need?” Apps are available here that give the smartphone its own user interface and – very importantly – secure these settings so that they can be easily reused when switching to a new smartphone. For the user, the interface looks as usual, which minimizes inquiries.

An important tip: If you are allowed to, you should make a note of your PIN and other important access data so that you can help remotely unlock the locked cell phone in the event of an emergency. You can find this and many other tips in our guide article .

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