Functionality of the You Look Like app

Presented in the form of programs, functions or online services, today’s digital photography tools offer many possibilities, and the most creative of them are quickly becoming popular. What the software does with photographs, even turns users into drawn or cartoon characters.

Changing your appearance in the You Look Like app

In addition to using the standard set of options for editing, choosing a haircut and hair color, aging effect, rejuvenation, etc., users can use software tools to find their star twin. Such a tool is You Look Like. In social networks, the number of posts and stories is growing every day, where people share their results of selecting celebrities who look like themselves. Such metamorphoses are mostly funny, so that users do not stop playing with the application, demonstrating the resulting options.


What is You Look Like

For those who do not know what application includes the You Look Like feature, we inform you that this is a Gradient Photo Editor available for mobile devices running popular iOS and Android operating systems. The program includes many options, tools, filters and textures for photo editing, allowing you to experiment with hairstyles, create collages, change skin color, lips, etc. Well, you can find out who you look like thanks to the new editor function, which is here will be called You Look Like. It was thanks to the celebrity transformation tool that the software gained numerous fans and became viral on Instagram.

The Gradient application uses the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies at the heart of its work. By analyzing photos using machine learning and neural networks, the service compares the face in the image with a database of celebrity photos and looks for similarities. By uploading your picture, each user will be able to find out who he looks like, what historical figures, actors, athletes and other famous people have in common with him. The results can be shared in stories or posts on popular social networks.

According to the assurances of the developers, the most accurate technology in the world is used to search for similar personalities. The algorithm is not yet perfect and the similarity is not always present, but even if it was not possible to find a stellar twin, you can laugh. During generation, a collage of four photos is created, gradually moving from one face (the original image) to another (the celebrity photo), similar in appearance.

The software is actively supported by developers, the application’s arsenal is updated every week with new options, tools, filters, textures and other photo enhancers, so you definitely won’t be bored with Gradient.

Photo transformation in You Look Like on a smartphone

How and where to download

Finding Gradient You Look Like is easy, the software can be downloaded from the official App Store and Google Play stores, depending on the OS of the device. The functionality of the application in versions for apple and Android devices is identical.

The subscription is paid, the price tag for the Gradient Unlimited package is 249 rubles per month and 1490 rubles per year, Premium and Pro subscriptions available for devices running iOS will cost more. At the same time, you can download the software for free without purchasing a subscription, and also try the free features of the program, the trial period for the program for iOS is designed for a three-day period. If you do not want to pay for a subscription, for Android mobile devices there is an option to install a hacked application, which will require you to find the corresponding APK file.

Download APK files only from reliable sources.

Here are the links where you can get the program in the app stores:

There are usually no problems with the installation, it is performed using the installation wizard in automatic mode and only minimal participation is required from the user. The algorithm of actions is standard, applicable to the rest of the software downloaded from the store:

  • We go to the app store, enter the name of the software in the search box, find the option you need, or, if you are too lazy to search, then immediately go to the program page using one of the above links (we take into account the operating system of the device when choosing).
  • We press the installation button, get acquainted with the user agreement, confirm the action, after which the process will start.

Using the You Look Like App on a Smartphone

How to use the program

Working with the software is also simple, the interface is convenient and not overloaded with numerous subsections, so there should not be any difficulties in working. In addition, opening the installed software, you can see that the main interface elements are not much different from similar photo editors. Consider how to make a You Look Like photo collage:

  • Open the Gradient editor.
  • We close the window with the offer to purchase the paid version.
  • We find the phrase “Who’s You Twin” (who is your twin) and click “Try now” (try now).
  • We select the necessary photo for analysis from the Smartphone Gallery (selfie or another suitable one, where your face will be close-up, and look at the camera).
  • We are waiting for the end of the analysis of the image and the appearance of the result, which can be saved to the Device Gallery, if desired, you can share the picture on Instagram (the corresponding button will appear).

Now you know how to use the You Look Like feature and can easily experiment with different photos.

Free use of the program is available for a period of 3 days, after which the subscription is renewed for 249 rubles.

What are the analogues

In addition to the You Look Like function in the Gradient program, you can use similar products – My Replica – Celebrity Like Me or others. Alice from Yandex will also pick up a celebrity similar to you, for which you need to ask her: “Alice, who do I look like.”

By the way, if you don’t want to download anything to your device, instead of Gradient, you can use the online service or others like it, for example, Celebs Like Me for editing photos from Microsoft or It is easy to work with such resources. You need to upload your photo to the site or add a link to it on the network and click the appropriate button that starts the process of searching for a celebrity similar to you. Typically, such services show the revealed similarity as a percentage.

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