DIsplay repair for Android and iOS: Questions and answers

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In this article we want to answer your questions about display repair for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Who doesn’t know it: Carelessness and the smartphone falls to the floor. It is particularly annoying if the display is now slightly damaged.

A broken display is often more than just a visual problem: it can cause great damage and make the device completely unusable. You should generally leave the repair to the specialist – even if you have the required knowledge. We tell you why this is so and what you have to consider if you really want to do it yourself.


Questions and answers about display repair

Below we want to answer your questions about display repair. As already announced in advance, it makes sense to leave this to the professional, because if you do this for the first time, it can easily go wrong and the smartphone will then no longer be usable.

What to do if there is a crack in the display?

Many devices still work perfectly despite a broken display. If this is the case, you should cover the crack with an adhesive tape as soon as possible. In this way, a further spread can be easily counteracted. However, this measure is only a first protection and containment of the damage – a permanent repair is still necessary.

Often only the protective glass is affected. If the actual display has not been damaged, the glass should be replaced immediately. If the crack is in the display itself, however, a complete replacement is necessary. If you have appropriate soldering knowledge, you can basically do this yourself. As a rule, the required spare parts and helpful instructions can easily be found on the Internet.

An expert repair such as from phoneklinik.com is still preferable. Of course you can also ask your friends or bring them directly to the on-site service, because something like this is available in almost every major city.This could be of interest to you   Our smartphone recommendations for Christmas 2019 – Find out more!

What speaks against self-repair?

If the damage occurred during normal use and not as a result of violent action, the warranty may apply. This is always the case if less than two years have passed since the purchase. If you then decide to carry out a repair yourself, you are giving away your legal right to a professional repair of the damage.

And not only that: if you open the smartphone yourself, this will automatically void the warranty. If a third party is to blame for the damage, he must vouch for it. As a rule, private liability insurance covers the costs of the repair. Exercise your right even if the person who caused it is a good friend.

Many devices are protected against this type of damage by special insurance. If you have completed one, you should not take any risks. Report the damage and leave the work to the professionals – it will definitely not break even more.

When is self-repair possible?

As a layperson, you can only repair your smartphone yourself if the display shows no lasting damage. As soon as it is broken or splintered, the repair should be carried out by a specialist with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

Cracks in the cover slip, on the other hand, are relatively easy to fix. Not only the replacement of the glass comes into consideration, but also the repair using a special glass adhesive. However, this must not be used when installed, as it can destroy the sensitive display.

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