Development environment: Android Studio 3.6 offers Google Maps in the emulator

Android developers can use Google Maps in the new Android Studio for test purposes and can also simulate multiple displays.Reading time:1 min.Save in pocketRead outPrintviewRead comments3posts

Google has released version 3.6 of the Android Studio development environment. In addition to revisions to the user interface, the tool for developing Android applications now also offers an integrated view of Google Maps in the Android emulator. In addition, users can now test their applications on multiple virtual displays and configure them accordingly. There are also the usual bug fixes.

The new release of Android Studio contains the Android emulator in version 29.2.12. This means that developers can now use the Google Maps user interface when testing their applications. This makes location data easier to define. Developers can also save individual points on the map and send them repeatedly to the virtual device. It is also possible to define a route and then simulate the location on the way from A to B in real time.

Developers can test in the new Android Studio how their applications behave on several virtual displays. You can now do this in the settings under Extended Controls | Settings make configurations to test different variants. For example, a secondary display or a multi-display view are conceivable.

An overview of what’s new in Android Studio

In terms of user interface, Google has equipped the design editors (eg layout and navigation) with a split view. This allows developers to view the design and code of their application at the same time. The new view replaces the previous preview window and users can now adjust it from file to file. To activate the view, simply click on the split symbol in the editor window.

In the Resources tab, developers in Android Studio now also have a quick selection for colors in the project, which should make the color selection easier. A complete list of the innovations can be found in a blog post from Google . ( bbo ) Read comments ( 3 )Go to home pagedisplay

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