Clues to identify a possible fake review in the Amazon app


When we buy online , it is advisable to look at the reviews to check if the product has satisfied other users. One of the most used apps to buy is Amazon. On both Android and iPhone we can see the reviews of other users. To make sure they are reliable, we show you the best clues to identify a possible fake review in the Amazon app .


It was written by a robot

Among all the clues to identify a possible fake review in the Amazon app, the most reliable is the wrong sentence construction . In the event that you come across a review written with discontinued sentences, in which most of the verbs are infinitives and the punctuation marks are written inconsistently, be wary. It may have been written by a bot .

This is a review, not a sale.

If we talk about clues to identify a possible fake review in the Amazon app, we cannot help but analyze the content of the review. A review does not want to sell you the product , but criticize it. Be suspicious of reviews that repeat phrases like “you won’t regret it”, “it’s the best you can do” or “the best purchase of my life”.

Review without verified purchase

Verified purchase is one of the most useful tags to spot a fake review. This indicates whether the reviewer purchased the product from Amazon . It is better to trust verified purchase reviews, as they ensure that the user has purchased the product. In the app, the Verified Purchase label is placed next to the rating stars.

Who writes the review?

If you have doubts about the veracity of the person who writes the review, go to their profile. You may have come across a fake profile created to write fake reviews. Many real Amazon users do not have a profile picture, but if you add to this the fact that most of their reviews give 5 stars, they use similar language and their profile hardly contains any information, you may find yourself facing a fake profile.

Positive reviews are old


We recommend you sort the reviews by date. If the old ones are positive and the current ones are negative, be suspicious . Perhaps the seller bought positive reviews after the launch of their product to make a positive impact. However, as neutral users have purchased the product, the true quality of the product has been uncovered. Remember that you can also check the price history of a product before buying it.

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