Checking Internet Speed ​​on Android

Determining the Internet speed on an Android smartphone is quite simple. This guide describes how to check the Internet speed on Android (also suitable for tablets) both online and using free software.

Internet speed on Android


How to check internet connection speed on android

Few people know about the unique feature of the latest version of Android, which allows you to monitor the speed of the network online. As soon as the download starts, instead of the zeros that are displayed while you are not downloading, next to the Wi-Fi icon will be displayed, for example, 56 KB / s.

Item "Apps and notifications" on Android

To turn on speedtest, in your Android settings, go to Apps & Notifications / Notifications & Status Bar, and then drag the slider to the On position when you select Show network speed.

Item "Notifications and status bar" on Android

You will not be able to use this feature if you have an older version of Android. In this case, see the list of sites and applications below – they will help you easily and accurately determine the speed of your Internet.

Item "Display status bar" on Android

How to check internet speed online

Services for checking Internet speed online:

  1. is a reliable service for checking the connection. The test takes 30 to 60 seconds. The website page is customized to look good on a phone. The “Test” button must be pressed by the user. Note that the results include both speed and ping, which are important factors if your network is slow when playing online games. and Android
    Ping, often referred to as a ping test, measures how quickly your device responds to a request from another device. People who play online games (such as League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Battlefield) where low response times are needed should pay special attention to this feature. High ping times cause lag, which gives gamer users with low ping times an unfair advantage over others. Ping latency is the time it takes for a data packet to travel from the device to the server and back to the device. Latency, which represents the expected round trip delay, is critical to network performance. In most cases, the delay time is expressed in milliseconds (ms).
  2. – Internet meter from Yandex. The service is quite simple and devoid of meaningless features. You must select the “Measure” option to start the test. Then you will find out your IP address and upload/download speed. and Android
  3. The test of this service is slightly faster than others. The service will display your IP address and ping in addition to speed. and Android

Internet Speed ​​Test Apps

You can also check the Internet for speed on your phone using the following applications:

  1. is a well-known program (and related service) for evaluating and analyzing network performance. The test takes about 20-30 seconds. You will be given the opportunity to evaluate your incoming and outgoing speed. Speedtest and Android
  2. SPEEDCHECK – differs from the previous one in that it allows you to set up automatic tests and get more detailed information about the connection (for example, IP addresses). Minus – intrusive advertising. SPEEDCHECK and Android
  3. Meteor (SpeedTester) – this program stands out from the competition with its built-in assistant in Russian. For all new users, this will be extremely helpful. In the test itself, everything is standard, with the exception of one feature: the program evaluates how well this or that service will work for you. For example, can you watch videos online at your current speed. Meteor and Android

What is the acceptable internet speed

It is difficult to determine what Internet speed is generally considered good. As a rule, it depends on the actions and behavior of the user. For most normal online activities such as watching movies, playing simple games, or downloading small files, an Internet speed above 25 Mbps should be sufficient. It is recommended to have an Internet connection with a speed of at least 60 Mbps for more complex tasks, such as downloading large files or playing games with demanding graphics.

Speed ​​and Operators

What is the typical internet connection speed

Some information about Internet speed in Russia:

  1. Russia ranked 54th in the world in terms of the average Internet connection speed from Rostelecom – 24.98 Mbps.
  2. In megabits per second (Mbps), the average Internet connection speed worldwide was 32.13 Mbps.
  3. Iceland has the highest speed in the world, which is 216.56 Mbps.
  4. Turkmenistan has the lowest average speed on the entire globe (0.77 Mbps). A 5 GB video file can be downloaded in Iceland in less than three minutes, while in Turkmenistan it can take more than 14 hours.

What method of checking the Internet do you use? Share in the comments what is your Internet speed and what helps you increase it.

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