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You don’t have Google Play Store on your phone, maybe you have a Chinese mobile and you can’t install it, but do you want to download applications from that store? An online utility called APK Downloader , from the developer «Evozi», will allow you to download them directly from that source to your mobile or tablet.

Unlike other tools and applications that require your Google ID or Google Services Framework ID, or that you install programs on your PC or applications on your phone, APK Downloader is online or works in the browser of your device and only requires that you enter the name of the package or the URL of the application in Google Play to extract it from the store and give you the download link of the APK.

You can extract the name of the package from the URL of the application in Google Play, as seen below with Facebook. However, as I said, you can also paste the full URL into APK Downloader and tap on the “Generate Download Link” button to get the download link.

package android app

According to the tool’s information, they use T-Mobile United States to download the APKs. If you are in another country and cannot download Google Play applications only available for the USA, this tool can probably do so.

On the other hand, the APKs previously extracted by other users are kept for thirty days on the APK Downloader server. Therefore, the APK you get may not be the most current version that exists on Google Play. If that’s what you need, I suggest looking for the APK on APKmirror.com , a trustworthy website where the latest versions of the apps are usually uploaded, including beta versions, sometimes more current than those available on the Play Store.

This online utility does not download paid applications from Google Play because it is considered piracy, but I have detected that anyway and for some reason some free applications are not capable of downloading.

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