Android Q: How to connect your device to the TV via cable

To view photos or videos on a larger screen, it is recommended to connect your Android Q device to the TV. Depending on which technologies or connections your TV supports, it is possible to establish the connection without a cable or via an HDMI cable.

Connect Android Q to TV – how it works

How you connect a smartphone or tablet that uses Android Q to the TV depends on which connections the device has. One way to connect your Android Q device to the TV is to use an HDMI cable. Since this transmits not only pictures but also sound, you can not only stream photos, but also videos and music on the TV. All you need for this type of connection is an HDMI cable and an HDMI adapter for your smartphone.

This enables a wireless connection between the TV and Android Q device

If both your Android Q device and your television have a DLNA certificate, the two devices can also be connected wirelessly. How you have to establish the connection depends on the device manufacturer.

  1. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can do this with the preinstalled “AllShare” app. To do this, open it and select your TV as the target under “Play file from my phone on another player”.
  2. If you use a Sony device, it has its own DLNA app, which can be used to stream videos or music to the TV.
  3. Most Android devices and Smart TVs also support the Miracast standard, which allows you to transfer the smartphone screen to the TV.

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