Android: how to change or delete the PIN code of your smartphone

Do you want to know how to change the PIN code of your Android smartphone? In this quick tutorial, we explain how to do it in a few simple steps, but also how to delete or reactivate this code if necessary.

There is an increasing tendency to neglect the SIM card code. So either we deactivate it or we leave it with the default PIN code (generally 0000 or 1234). The problem with this code is that when you enter incorrect codes too many times, you will need to ask your operator for a PUK unlock code. But in some cases, the presence of this code can represent additional security. We therefore explain how to change it, deactivate it and reactivate it.SUMMARY


Android: how to change the PIN code

For that :

  • Go to Settings> Security> SIM card lock *
  • Tap edit
  • follow the instructions

Please note : to change the PIN code, you must know the current PIN code.

Android: how to disable the PIN code

Nothing’s easier :

  • Go to Settings> Security> SIM card lock *
  • Uncheck SIM card lock

Android: how to reactivate the PIN code

To do this :

  • Go to Settings> Security> SIM card lock *
  • Check SIM card lock
  • Define a new code

PIN code: why can’t I find the parameter in the place indicated?

* Of course these steps are the general steps . Some brands put this option in menus with slightly different titles:


  • Go to Settings> Biometric and security data> Other security settings> Define SIM lock

Huawei / Honor

  • Go to Settings> Security and privacy> Other settings> Encryption and references> Define SIM card 1 / SIM card 2 lock


  • Go to Settings> Additional settings> Privacy> SIM card lock

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