Android development: the start-up Esper raises 7.6 million in capital

The company Esper, founded by two ex-Microsoft employees, wants to provide a control platform for Android devices in the IoT environment.

The American start-up Esper raised $ 7.6 million in capital in an investment round. The company offers a development platform that customers can use to configure and control Android devices.

In addition to configuration tasks, Esper can also initiate automatic updates and app deployments, as well as provide analysis functions. The company was founded by two ex-Microsoft employees who worked mainly on Windows Phone during their time with Redmond.

The company calls its offering the DevOps platform, which allows users to manage groups of Android devices in a company. Customers include 25 companies, including the Hyatt hotel group, which uses the device control software in their hotels. The financing round, which has now been completed, was headed by the Madrona Venture Group.

Thanks to real-time monitoring and automated deployments, Esper wants to enable better scaling for a larger group of Android devices in IoT (Internet of Things) scenarios. Developers should be able to access the various functions via command line or APIs in a cloud-based dashboard.

More information about Esper can be found on the company’s website . There, interested parties also have the opportunity to register for a free trial version of the platform.

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