Alexa can tell you which wine will go well with your meal, here’s how

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, can tell you which bottle of wine will go with this or that meal. You just have to install a skill! We offer a small selection of skills to better marry a Bordeaux, Saint Emilion or Chardonnay with what you cook.

If Alexa has an advantage on Google Assistant or Siri, these are her Skills. It is indeed possible to give it new talent, simply by adding one of the thousands of these features that can be created by third-party developers. There is everything: games, radios, sounds … but also practical skills to help you make better choices.

And it can become very practical, especially if you are cooking for a whole table, and your notions of oenology are a little rusty. There are indeed several skills in French that can help you marry wines with what you cook. First of all, there is the skill  My little sommelier , a real reference for marrying your cheeses, desserts and entrees. In addition to helping you to better associate the flavors, this skill has the advantage of making you think outside the box to discover more vineyards. To use it, just say  Alexa, open my little sommelier  and then let yourself be guided.

This skill is difficult to dissociate from its logical counterpart, especially if you have a lot of bottles:  Ma Cave A Moi . The idea is to help you better manage your wines and your cellar: you make an inventory of your cellar on the (free) site, then connect this inventory to the Alexa skill. It then becomes possible to ask things like  Alexa, tell me about my cellar. As a bonus, like the skill we mentioned above, Ma Cave à Moi can also help you pair your wines. These two skills are completely free.

How to add an Alexa skill?

For that, it’s very simple :

  • Go to and log in with your credentials
  • Search for the skill you want to install via the search field
  • Click on the Skill, then on Activate

The skill will then be available on all your connected speakers linked to your Amazon account. What do you think of these skills to help you choose wine? Share your opinion in the comments.

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