If you like farm simulators, don’t miss this collection of games.
5 fun farm style games for your mobile 1

If you are on vacation or if you just want to entertain yourself for a while during the weekend, you can do it through mobile games. As you know there are millions of these, but today we have selected for you 5 fun farm-style games for your mobile.

If you enjoy farm animals and love the idea of ​​harvesting crops and agricultural raw materials, you can choose any of these 5 fun farm style games for your mobile. They are easy to play and are also the most highly rated by users, so don’t miss out.


We start this compilation of 5 fun farm-style games for your mobile with one of the most popular, Hay Day. This game that has millions of downloads is one of the best rated by users. The video game can be played on both an Android or iOS mobile phone and it also has its version for the Facebook social network .

In this game you will have to manage your own farm and everything related to it, such as crops, fields or animals, etc. If you dare to play and want to earn a lot of money quickly, do not forget to make items such as cream, cheese and butter, sell cakes, sugar and syrup separately always and at the highest possible price and do not make bacon or eggs, well is what everyone has.


In Farmville 2 you must manage your own farm and work from sunrise to sunset in a setting that is a small coastal town. You must restore your family’s farm. In it you can interact with a variety of interesting characters, cultivate and unlock special crops. You also have to take care of animals and trade with neighbors.

The game has 299 levels that you must complete based on missions. What seems more difficult to carry out is the act of obtaining keys, which are essential for the purchase of animals. By joining a co-op to work with farmers you can count towards completing a shared order board, progressing on the map, and earning rewards.


Among the 5 fun farm-style games for your mobile, Township is not lacking either. This game aims to build a city, but starting from scratch, harvesting crops, processing them in the facilities and selling products.

The good thing about this game is that it includes new scenarios in the updates and it also has events and tournaments with which you can earn resources. In the latest update it has included a holiday resort and a mysterious island.



Family Farm Adventure is an exciting game that unites exploration and farming . In addition to building your own flower farm, you will also have to explore mysterious islands with animals as companions and participate in quests that will give you interesting rewards.

Remember that in this game gems are an important resource to build the flower farm and explore the map. You can get these gems by completing tasks, opening hidden chests, participating in events or watching advertising videos.


We close the selection of 5 fun farm-style games for your mobile with Farming Simulator 16. In this game you will have to manage your own farm thanks to the help of agricultural vehicles that are from 20 different manufacturers, such as New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini , Horsch, Krone, Amazone or MAN among others.

To expand your business you must buy new land and control all the machinery such as harvesters and tractors. This machinery will serve you to cultivate the land, plant seeds and sell the harvest. You can also hire AI controlled helpers and run the business with a full screen management map.

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