If Google Translate does not meet your expectations, we present you with 5 alternative apps to Google Translate that work well. They are all free.

In the globalized world we need to translate from Spanish to another language, and vice versa. We usually use Google Translate, but we present 5 alternative apps to Google Translate that work well and, in many cases, are more practical. The alternatives that we present to you are reputable applications that are available for Android and iPhone without exception.

All the translators that we present to you below are completely free, although iTranslate contains purchases. Each stands out for some specific feature, for example, DeepL does not include many languages, but it is extremely reliable. On the other hand, iTranslate has a thesaurus. Sometimes it is best to combine them depending on whether you want to translate a text from home, a conversation abroad, or write an article in Spanish from sources in another language. Whatever your option, here are the 5 alternative apps to Google Translate that work well.




DeepL Translator is one of the most used alternatives to Google , especially in its web version, but it also has an app. This allows you to translate into 28 languages ​​instantly, since as you write the text, it is translated. In addition, it allows you to save translated phrases to use them later. Finally, with it you can go from text to speech or translate the text from an image. It does not contain many languages, but it is very reliable in every available language .

Download DeepL for Android

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Microsoft Translator is presented under the Microsoft Seal of Quality. It allows you to translate into more than 70 languages ​​even offline, which makes it essential if you travel to remote places. You can translate photos and screenshots, but it also has a great utility: translate conversations in real time with up to 100 online participants , who can speak different languages, which are translated for each interlocutor. It is a great option for traveling, but also for work.

Download Microsoft Translator for Android

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iTranslate can translate text in up to 100 languages. Allows listening to translations distinguishing between regional dialects. In turn, it has a dictionary of synonyms so you can find the best option to express yourself . Of course, unlike DeepL and Microsoft Translator, it adds purchases in the app to unlock its Pro version, which includes offline translation or use the camera to translate images. For this reason, it is best to download it and use its wide range of options, but combine it with another alternative that allows you to translate photos.

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Yandex Translate works for everything, since it brings together most of the options seen in the previous applications. Allows you to translate between more than 90 languages ​​offline, includes the use of images and voice recognition. However, one of its greatest uses is translating entire web pages from the app itself . In addition, it is compatible with Android Wear watches, in which it is possible to see the translated words on your screen. As a curiosity, he can translate from Vietnamese to Lithuanian, but also to Elvish, the language of the creatures of Middle-earth.


Descargar Yandex Translate para Android



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We finish with the last of the 5 alternative apps to Google Translate that work well. SayHi is not as well known as the others, but it is no less useful either. It is designed for spoken conversations and not for writing or texting. In fact, its greatest utility is that it allows you to have conversations in two languages ​​by being able to hear your translated voice instantly. In turn, it includes various accents of Spanish, from the Spanish of Spain to the Spanish of Mexico or the United States. It also has one of the most intuitive interfaces of the translators.

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