3 players to MIX songs automatically (Crossfader)

We have three APPs to automatically mix music on Android. They are players that integrate the Crossfader function that mixes songs.

It is possible that in addition to the applications mentioned here there are others that also have the song mixing function. You just have to go to the Settings or Player Settings and activate this option. You can find it under the name “Crossfade”, “Fade”, “Melt” or “Link” songs.


APP that mixes music automatically


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In addition to mixing music automatically, this APP is able to  sort songs by BPM (Beats Per Minute or “beats per minute”). That is, it organizes them by tempo, rhythm, or speed. This is very important because it helps to obtain a consistent mix.

In the settings you can determine the duration of the song and the mix. There are various MIX modes available, effects, and ways to sort songs by BPM. You will need to play around with these controls a bit until you find the desired performance.


Pulsar: Music Player with Crossfader for Android

This is a music player that has the option “Melt songs” available in the settings. It works quite well and you have the option to configure the MIX time up to 15 seconds.

Advantageously, this APP has the option to play by folders.

Media Monkey

The free version of this player has some limitations, but your Crossfade option is available at no cost. You just have to look for it in its options. However, its disadvantage is that it does not allow you to configure the mixing time.


It is probably the best streaming or online music application. That is, unlike previous APPS, you do not need to have the music loaded on your cell phone, but it is played from the Internet. However, its Crossfade function is more enjoyable if you have a Premium account. So you don’t have to listen to mixed announcements with the songs.

Mix music of the same genre or BPM

When adding the songs that you are going to mix or hook, always try to make them be of the same genre or at least have a similar tempo. In this way you will get a continuous experience of music that is pleasant to the ear. Splyce is useful in this regard because it can sort the music by BPM, but the other applications do not do this.

With Sound Assistant you can mix music from YouTube or other apps (Samsung)

Use this APP to mix Spotify music like a DJ

How Spotify’s “Daily Mix” Playlist Works

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