2 ways to prevent the ringer volume from being accidentally changed

prevent the ringer volume from being accidentally changed

It is a very common situation. Surely it has also happened to you with your Android: the ringtone volume is changed accidentally or accidentally. It is also typical to lend the cell phone and have it returned to you in silence or with low volume, something that you only realize when you find yourself with missed calls.

I have found two ways to prevent the ring volume from being changed accidentally (or by someone else). Change the default function of those buttons or block them, something you can do with remapping apps.

Let the volume buttons control the volume of the music

prevent ringtone volume from being changed

This is a solution that kills two birds with one stone. Normally the volume buttons control the volume of the ringer, but with this solution you can change its action, so that, by default, they control the volume of the music (or rather, the multimedia volume: audio, video).

How to increase the volume of your cell phone (even beyond the limit)

At the moment, the only application that makes this possible is Rocker Locker. You just have to activate it and go. From that moment on, each time the volume buttons on the phone are pressed, the multimedia volume will be changed and the ringer volume will no longer change, as it normally does.

If at any time you want to change the ringtone volume, you can do it manually from the general settings of your Android, Sound option.

Download : Rocker Locker (Google Play)

Lock the ringer volume

prevent the ringer volume from being accidentally changed

That is, in case the volume buttons of the device are pressed by someone or accidentally, the ringer volume does not change (or is immediately restored to its previous level, canceling the action of the buttons).

One of the apps that does this is Volume Lock & Mute (Dieter Thiess).

How to raise lower VOLUME of the cell phone WITHOUT buttons

First adjust the desired ring volume on your Android. After this, open the application, activate it with the power switch and enable the button “Lock volume at current level”.

Be careful with its operation: after pressing the volume buttons, the application will take a couple of seconds to restore the volume to its previous level. Don’t go expecting it to do so immediately and you think it doesn’t work.

Download : Volume Lock & Mute (Google Play)

There are other applications of this type available for free in the Play Store. In my case I have also tried the Volume Lock Control (RecoSystems) and Volume Locker (Shopriant) applications, where in addition to blocking the volume of ringtones and notifications, you can optionally activate the volume lock of the alarm, music, games, volume within calls, on-screen taps and system sounds. Volume Locker has the peculiarity that, if you change the ringer volume with the phone buttons, the application gives you 30 seconds to apply this change. If you don’t do anything, the app will automatically restore the volume to the configured level before the change.

This APP puts an invisible volume control on the screen

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