10 cooking apps for your Android mobile


The mobile makes life easier for us because thanks to it we can learn exercise routines , count our steps or, what interests us today, cook better. For the latter, we bring you 10 cooking apps for your Android mobile with which to try new dishes and improve your level in the kitchen. Whether you want to cook a tasty dish, eat exclusively vegan food or enjoy a sweet dessert, these apps will do it all for you.



It is a global network of people who love cooking in which each user can publish their best recipes. You can also share your best recipes, but also search for the ones you want through filters or ingredients. It has +10 million downloads worldwide, which makes it one of the most downloaded on the entire planet.

Cookpad download .


Together with Cookpad, Tasty is one of the 10 most used cooking apps for your Android mobile, with a similar number of global downloads. Not only does it contain recipes, instructions, and food filters (fat-free, healthy, etc.), but it also recommends what to eat based on the time of day and time. Nor can we avoid mentioning its intuitive design.

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If you are vegan, this application interests you. As its name indicates, it contains easy and healthy vegan recipes . Each week features a new recipe, so you’ll never run out of ideas. However, the main thing is that it details a large number of recipes that you can follow step by step, either reading the steps, or hearing them while you cook.

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One of the 10 cooking apps for your Android mobile with a more striking name is SuperFood. This application has healthy superfood recipes, but it also allows us to count calories and their nutritional value . It has everything you need to cook, but also to make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet.

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Divine Kitchen

It is no secret that Spanish food is exquisite. For this reason, it would be rude if an app focused on Spanish food was missing from this list . This app is Divina Cocina, which has more than 3,000 cooking recipes. The vast majority are Spanish food.

Divine Download Kitchen

chicken recipes

Chicken Recipes contains more than 300 chicken recipes , from chicken wings to more elaborate dishes, such as Milanese. If you like chicken, you need this app. To cook the dishes, it tells you the ingredients, the time and what steps to follow in great detail.

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At the beginning of this list of 10 cooking apps for your Android mobile, we include Vegamecum, an application for vegans. In case you don’t like it, a good alternative is Veganized. It is a cookbook for vegans where recipes are detailed, but also shopping lists and weekly plans to be constant in your vegan diet.

Descarga Veganized

Nestle Kitchen


Nobody is bitter about a sweet, and at Nestlé they know it. For this reason, they created an official application with more than 3,000 recipes. It focuses on desserts and sweet dishes . If you think of a dish with chocolate, or sweet, at Nestlé Kitchen they will tell you what you need and how to cook it step by step.

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MyFitnessPal is not a recipe app, but it will allow you to cook healthier. Count the calories and macronutrients of your meals, that is, protein, carbohydrates and fats, to ensure that you consume the optimal values. In addition, it makes it possible to scan barcodes to discover the nutritional value of a food.

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Over 500 smoothie recipes

Finally, we have Over 500 smoothie recipes to create the most delicious, quick and healthy smoothies. Whether you want to enjoy a tasty whipped cream or eat a lot of protein to strengthen your muscles, More than 500 smoothie recipes shows you the best options.

Download 500 smoothie recipes

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