Windows 10: how to unlock your PC with the smartphone’s fingerprint reader

Windows 10 can be unlocked in a number of ways, but did you know that you can also use your smartphone’s fingerprint reader instead of the password to unlock your PC? In this tutorial, we will show you how to configure your computer and smartphone using the Remote Fingerprint App available on the Google Play Store.

Fingerprint sensors are included on almost all smartphones in circulation – unfortunately, the same cannot be said of PCs. These biometric devices which can simplify the unlocking of computers are democratizing on portable computers, without being yet the rule. However, Android smartphones can, using an application, act as a biometric reader for your Windows 10 PC. The method also seems to work up to Windows Vista. For the method below to work, you need the following prerequisites:

  • A smartphone with fingerprint reader running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later
  • A Windows PC (version 10 recommended) connected to the internet

Please note : the method presented in this tutorial is not compatible with iPhone.

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How to unlock Windows 10 with the smartphone’s fingerprint reader

For that :

Important : when requested by the installation program, validate the firewall exception required by Remote Fingerprint Unlock

  • Lock your Windows session ( Win + L or via the Start menu)
  • Go to  Remote Fingerprint Unlock on your smartphone and follow the application instructions to scan your fingerprint and generate unique keys
  • Then go to the menu   (top left) then touch  Scan to add your PC

Important : the module on PC is only active when the session is locked. Make sure this is the case if the application does not detect your PC. Furthermore, for your PC to be detected, it is imperative that all your devices are on the same local network.

  • Touch the name of your computer then  Save
  • Return to the menu   at the top left and then go to My Accounts
  • You should see your computer name displayed – tap ADD ACCOUNT  then enter the credentials you normally use to unlock the computer
  • Scan your fingerprint then SAVE
  • Check that the Session ID number is the same on your smartphone and the PC lock screen then touch PROCEED

Now you can unlock your session via this application:

  • Open  Remote Fingerprint Unlock  on your smartphone
  • Go to the menu   at the top left then Unlock
  • Scan your fingerprint – your Windows session should normally be unlocked!

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