Why Google Chrome does not play videos on Android 1
The frustration of checking why Google Chrome does not play videos on Android can be easily solved by following these steps
Why Google Chrome won't play videos on Android

When using a mobile browser we hope that its use will take place without any interference, but sometimes we may encounter problems. To solve the doubt about why Google Chrome does not play videos on Android , we will have to first identify the causes that can lead to this malfunction.

By identifying the source of the problem that prevents us from watching videos without hindrance, we can establish a quick solution to fix it as soon as possible. These are the main reasons why we cannot properly enjoy videos uploaded to a web page in Google Chrome.


When consulting a web page, the first thing we will have to make sure is that we have a stable connection , either on WiFi or through data, since this is usually the number one reason that explains why videos are cut off in Google Chrome .

Why Google Chrome does not play videos on Android 1

Once the connection is checked, it is possible that the video we are trying to watch is so heavy that it cannot be loaded correctly in Chrome , and in this case we will not be able to do much to solve it. In the same way, if a video is geo-blocked (mainly due to broadcasting rights, especially in sporting events), we will not be able to play it, whether we are on Chrome, Twitter or any other platform. In these cases, the solution is not in our hands.

Another possibility is that we are using a VPN , which can lead to a slower performance of Google Chrome, in which case we will have to deactivate it to be able to watch the video (provided that the use of the VPN is not to be able to watch videos from other regions ). Checking if we are using the latest version of Google Chrome available is also highly recommended, since an update that has already been passed can present performance problems.

Having many tabs open is also often at odds with the proper functioning of the Google Chrome browser, so be careful if you have more than you should in your session and close the ones you don’t need. Another resource that always works to fix Google Chrome is to clean the cache, since if it accumulates in excess it can slow down the browser and prevent us from watching videos.

Why Google Chrome won't play videos on Android 2


Not being able to see the videos properly, several instant doubts arise, one of them the following: do I need an extension to play videos in Google Chrome? It is not an extension as such, but JavaScript is a vital function for web pages to load correctly and videos to be played without problems , so these are the steps to make sure that it is activated in our browser.

When opening the Google Chrome application, click on the main menu that is located on the icon with three points in the upper right part of the screen. Next, we select ‘Settings’ and scroll down until we see the ‘Site Settings’ section. The ‘JavaScript’ option appears there, which must be activated to avoid problems when viewing the videos and loading the web pages that we visit.

In case it is not activated, we click on it and make sure that the tab is checked. Then, the videos should load without major complications as long as we have a stable connection and everything is configured correctly , as explained in the previous paragraphs.

Why Google Chrome won't play videos on Android 3

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