What do the WhatsApp popcorn mean?


On WhatsApp , the popcorn or popcorn that you see next to each message ( gray or blue) have an important meaning about its delivery.

In this popular messaging application, you can know if a message has been sent correctly, has been delivered correctly (which is not the same) or even if the other person has already seen it. That is what the “popcorn” or “checks” code used by WhatsApp is for and we explain below.

Popcorn on WhatsApp and its meaning

Gray Popcorn on WhatsApp

What does a gray popcorn mean in WhatsApp

It means that the message has been sent successfully. However, the message has not yet reached the other phone (or other cell phones, if it is a group). It may be because the other person is offline or also that they have blocked you in the application (you have to do a little research to determine the latter).

What do the two gray popcorn mean in WhatsApp?
The double gray popcorn in WhatsApp means that the message has ALREADY been received on the other cell phone (or other cell phones, if it is a group). However, it is likely that the message has not yet been seen or read.

Blue popcorn on WhatsApp

The double blue popcorn means that the message has been READ by the other person (or other people, in the case of groups). By READ it means that the person has opened the conversation.


Turn off blue popcorn

These blue pigeons are also called “read receipts” and can be disabled in the WhatsApp settings, “Privacy” option. In this way the other person will not be able to know if you have read their messages (but you will not be able to know if they read your messages).

If the other person uses this privacy, there is a trick to circumvent them and know if they read your messages. You can send a voice message and this double blue check will appear if the other person listens or plays the message (even if you have deactivated the reading confirmation !!!).

More information about popcorn on WhatsApp : WhatsApp FAQ

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