This APP replicates the “System UI Tuner” on Samsung and other devices [Updated]

System UI Tuner is a hidden menu that appeared in Android 6 (Marshmallow). The original or pure version of Android brings this menu and can be easily hidden. However, on devices like Samsung or LG this menu has been disabled by manufacturers . Luckily there is a way to get System UI Tuner on Samsung and other devices where this feature has been removed.

System UI Tuner APP

This involves using an application that offers the functionality of the System UI Tuner. It is called System UI Tunner . Like the original functionality, with this APP you can hide one or more of the information icons in the status bar . For example, hide the icon of WiFi , silence , battery , clock and any other. Demo mode can also be activated . In this mode you can temporarily hide the notification icons . You can also display a certain number of WiFi bars , cellular signal, display or hide the time or battery indicator .

The app can be activated in one tap if there is root access on the device. If you are without root , you have to activate it through the PC . For this it is necessary to have installed and correctly configured the ADB tool for sending commands. Drivers must be installed on the PC, as well as USB debugging enabled on the mobile. All done, with the phone connected to the PC, open the ADB tool and send the following commands:

adb shell pm grant com.zacharee1.systemuituner android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

adb shell pm grant com.zacharee1.systemuituner android.permission.DUMP

Once these commands have been successfully sent, one by one, the application is ready to use. Slide the left side menu to play with your possibilities. In the Status Bar option you can hide the information icons in the status bar .

The Demo mode option allows you to activate the demo mode and adjust all the values ​​that can be seen in the image below.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android Nougat

This app was successfully tested on an LG V20 , according to the creator. It has also partially served on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android Nougat (7.0) . The option to hide icons in the status bar has worked. Not so the demo mode. This is probably because this mode is in the experimental phase according to the developer.

The application is open source. In theory it should work for any device with Android 5 Lollipop or higher . It can even be used on devices where it is available in the System UI Tuner. It can be downloaded from Google Play or on the page where the programmer talks about it.

Update April 16, 2017 : Before uninstalling this application, make sure that the same icons that were originally in the status bar remain. Uninstalling the application will likely not reverse any changes made to it.

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