Poporazzi is an app for those who want to show themselves in a natural way. It is the new alternative to Instagram that is already the most popular app for iPhone.

Instagram is essential for those who like to look perfect , since it allows selfies, effects and all kinds of filters. It is the opposite of Poporazzi: this is the new Instagram that breaks all its rules. The new trendy social network stands out from the rest thanks to its unique operation that has already seduced millions of users. It does not allow uploading selfies or retouching the images, although the most remarkable thing is that the photos on our profile will be taken by other people . Its purpose is for us to accept ourselves as we are.

Following its release in 2021, it has currently become the most downloaded free app on the App Store . And it is that Poparazzi is not available for Android , only for iPhone, so we will not be able to find it in the Play Store. Downloading it in this operating system is only possible through apk. On the official website of Poparazzi there is a link to the Android application but it does not work, although it seems that it is a matter of time before it reaches the Play Store.


Those interested in the application may wonder: how does Poporazzi work? In Poparazzi you can only take photos of other people , hence its name, you will become a paparazzi. The application is divided into sections in the style of Instagram. As in this app, your profile is divided into two windows, in the main one the photos that other people have taken of you appear, while in the secondary one the photos that you have taken of other people will appear. However, just anyone cannot post a photo on your profile.

Only users you follow can upload photos to your profile. If a user you don’t follow posts a photo of you, you ‘ll need to approve it before it appears on your profile . Of course, you can also block another user from uploading more photos of you, preventing them from communicating with you and from seeing the photos in which you appear.


On the other hand, Poporazzi does not allow comments on photos nor does it allow seeing how many followers a person has. Of course, the others can see the number of reactions, since in this app we react to the posts of those we follow, in the style of Facebook. These are recorded in the profile of each user, along with the number of posts uploaded and the total number of visits received.


Poporazzi was created by Austen and Alex Ma, who are committed to showing you without filters. According to them, we are becoming more and more obsessed with perfection through filters and editions that are so typical of photos and stories . Poporazzi was born as a response to excessive editing and is based on taking photos of our friends doing natural things. It belongs to an upward trend , not only because of the popularity of Poporazzi, but because other apps also follow this trend, such as BeReal.

Precisely BeReal is an application that prioritizes spontaneity over perfection. At a random time each day, your users will be prompted to take a photo in less than 2 minutes . The images uploaded to this platform are double, since the rear camera takes a photo of what you see while the front one takes a selfie. Thus, users will not be able to deceive the app and they will appear as they are.

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